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From messages to connections


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Presentation to the event "Communication practices: how to master digital PR" organized by the European Association of Communication Directors

Published in: Business, Technology
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From messages to connections

  1. 1. from messages to connections Nick Drandakis
  2. 2. filtering
  3. 3. Turning to communities, consumers... •Ignore messages •Insist on involvement and resonance •Maintain control over their privacy •Prefer peers’ endorsements
  4. 4. anyone can influence anyone
  5. 5. friendship is no longer local or face to face
  6. 6. new influencer ecosystem fundamentally changed how we buy products - services
  7. 7. Abundance of information
  8. 8. “ in this new marketing era, every company interaction, product, service, or announcement, is perceived as a form of media Seth Godin ”
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. corporate blogs
  12. 12. “ there is no demand for messages Doc Dearls ”
  13. 13. the Domino’s fiasco
  14. 14. the Community Manager
  15. 15. the Community Manager 3 major shifts •Consumer: from Messages to Connections •Media: from Push to Pull interactions •Operations: from Campaigns to Conversations
  16. 16. Blue Ocean
  17. 17. CONNECT WITH ME: Nikos Drandakis: @Twitter: @e-mail this presentation is always available at