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TapCrowd - TapTarget mobile marketing automation platform


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TapTarget is a mobile marketing automation platform. Define mobile campaigns with visual workflows. Combine geofences, ibeacons, segments, push notications and user profiling to send the right message at the right moment.

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TapCrowd - TapTarget mobile marketing automation platform

  1. 1. Mobile marketing automation v1.1 23/06/2014
  2. 2.     2 Why TapTarget ? Online marketing is great. But when your prospects leave their computer, it’s impossible to keep them engaged, in their daily lives. A mobile app around your brand, combined with TapTarget, allows you to “retarget” prospects in the physical world. Your app bridges the gap between the online world and the physical world.
  3. 3.         3 How does it work ? Logging Add TapTarget to your app using the TapTarget SDK. TapTarget will start capturing all user activity, and build a user profile for each app user. Segment Define segments based on user interests in products, product groups... Actions Automatically send personalised messages to your app users, based on their interests and location.
  4. 4.         4 Example: location-targeting for automotive User receives “push messages” on his phone, at the right place & moment, to invite him into the showroom. Behind  the  scenes   TapTarget   makes   your   mobile   app   intelligent,   it   captures   the   interests,   loca6on,  ac6vity  and  context  of  each  app   user.  Based  on  all  this  data,  the  op6mal   place  &  moment  is  defined  to  reach  out   to  each  user.  
  5. 5.         5 ü  Real-time user statistics ü  User profiling & context-sensing ü  Location detection ü  Outdoor: GPS ü  Indoor: iBeacon, encoded light, wifi ü  Geo-fencing ü  Personalised push messages ü  Mobile coupons ü  Comprehensive rule-based campaign builder ü  Target the segment of one ü  Easy integration with any existing mobile app (TapCrowd apps & 3rd party apps) ü  Integration in your CRM and/or marketing automation platform (Marketo, Ignition One...) Features
  6. 6.         6 Build a communication plan with powerful building blocks GEOFENCES Outdoor geofences (GPS) Indoor geofences: iBeacons Interactive QR codes SCHEDULES During Showroom opening hours 4 hours before closing … USER SEGMENTS Based on user profiles, e.g.: Interest Audi Family with SUV profile … USER CONTEXT At home Driving At work … PERSONALISED ACTIONS Push notifications Mobile coupons Pop-ups Digital signage interaction GEOFENCE Dealer showroom 1 User within 2km radius GEOFENCE Dealer showroom 2 User within 2km radius SCHEDULE Showroom open MA-SAT 9AM-6PM SEGMENT Interest in model X User score “model X” > 10 USER CONTEXT User is driving ACTION Push notification Invite to showroom to view model X SEGMENT Interest in brand Y User score “brand Y” > 10
  7. 7.         7 User profiling: scoring App content Home Product catalog Volkswagen Golf Passat Audi Book a test drive 2nd hand cars Latest news Items with Volkswagen tag Items with Audi tag Custom user interest taxonomy User interests Buy a car New car Volkswagen Golf Passat Audi Second hand car Volkswagen Audi Car maintenance Accessories Ski Summer Score: 3 Score: 5 Score: 4 Score: 1 User score per topic = individual scores X number of taps and time spent Aging
  8. 8.         8 Trigger campaigns based on scores Example actions for automotive app Custom user interest taxonomy User interests Buy a car New car Volkswagen Golf Passat Audi Second hand car Volkswagen Audi Car maintenance Accessories Ski Summer Treshold scoresContext Action >30 Weekend Push notification: test drive >10 Send brochure 20 On the road Closest dealer 10 Close to shop Push notification 5 Relaxed Show product catalog 30 Weekend Coupon: -20% only today
  9. 9.         9 Insight in campaign performance
  10. 10.         10 Create geofences
  11. 11.         11 Indoor location-targeting: iBeacons to push relevant offerings
  12. 12.         12 Professional services to support you in every phase of your mobile marketing project
  13. 13.         13 2 Minute summary video’s TapTarget for automotive TapTarget overview TapTarget in an omni- channel strategy
  14. 14.     WALK-THROUGH Walk-through of the TapTarget platform
  15. 15.         15 Manage campaigns
  16. 16.         16 Edit campaign
  17. 17.         17 Campaign settings
  18. 18.         18 Manage geofences
  19. 19.         19 Create geofence
  20. 20.         20 Manage schedules
  21. 21.         21 Edit schedule
  22. 22.         22 Manage segments
  23. 23.         23 Edit segment
  24. 24.         24 Manage actions
  25. 25.         25 Edit action
  26. 26.         26 Analytics
  27. 27.         27 Analytics
  28. 28.         28 Real-time maps
  29. 29.         29 User profile
  30. 30.         30 User profile details
  31. 31.         31 Raw logging
  32. 32.         32 Contact Europe (HQ) Grauwpoort 1 B-9000 Gent Belgium +32 9 298 01 92 Brazil Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini 1500 Brooklin Novo, São Paulo, SP Brazil +55 11 3588 0400 Turkey İnşirah Sk 25, Beşiktaş, 34342 Bebek Mh. Istanbul