Nikon d4 dslr camera


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Nikon d4 dslr camera

  1. 1. NIKON D4 DSLR CAMERA Nikon D4 Overview Nikon D4 Specification Nikon D4 Advantages Nikon D4 Review Nikon D4 Video
  2. 2. Nikon D4 OverviewNikon D4 OverviewNikon D4 SpecificationNikon D4 AdvantagesNikon D4 ReviewNikon D4 Video Enter the new flagship of Nikons D-SLR lineup: D4. Engineered for The D4 is lighter than the D3s, but it manages to offer an increased professionals, D4 strikes an ideal balance between resolution, measure of control with the addition of programmable joysticks. sensor size, image processing and ISO range. Its newly designed FX- One of those is placed for exclusive use when holding the camera format sensor and EXPEED3 processor enable image capture up to by its secondary grip, and the result is menu navigation that is 10 fps with full AE/AF performance and Full 1080p HD video. streets ahead of the D3s. The Nikon D4 offers an impressive array Combine that with cutting-edge metering and AF systems, of high-end features for the professional user. Spending time with intelligently designed controls, an ultra-rugged body and multiple the camera, its also refreshing to see some of the basic features of connectivity options, and D4 liberates the worlds top-notch video cameras that have eluded DSLRs in the past. It seems silly photographers and multimedia artists like never before. that even something as simple as a headphone jack to monitor incoming sound has yet to find its way into a DSLR. That is just one With its newest professional digital SLR camera - the highly of the small touches Nikon has added to appeal to a growing base anticipated $6,000 D4 - Nikon takes aim at slick video-shooting for of professional DSLR videographers. That isnt to say the still sports, action and news photographers. Since Nikon released the photographers have gone unnoticed; indeed, theyre still the D4s radical video-capturing D90 back in 2008, digital SLRs have main audience, with subtle. changes to the control scheme infiltrated nearly every level of professional video production. improving the shooting experience dramatically The new Nikon D4 is an attempt to recapture the momentum of the video-shooting DSLR craze from competitor Canon while adding significant upgrades to Nikons D3 line. In the process, the D4 will become Nikons new flagship and its go-to model for sports, action, and news photographers. Picking up the D4, it is immediately obvious that Nikon hasnt taken the D-series completely back to the drawing board, instead favoring minor tweaks to an established design. Nikon D4 Site
  3. 3. Nikon D4 SpecificationNikon D4 OverviewNikon D4 SpecificationNikon D4 AdvantagesNikon D4 ReviewNikon D4 Video Nikon D4 Body type Autofocus Body type Large SLR” * Phase Detect * Multi-area Nikon D4 Sensor * Selective single-point Max resolution 4928 x 3280 * Tracking Other resolutions 4096 x 2720, 4096 x 3280, 3696 x 2456, 3200 x 2128, * Single 3072 x 2456, 3072 x 2040, 2464 x 1640, 2400 x 1592, 2048 x 1360, 2048 x * Continuous 1640, 1600 x 1064 * Live View Image ratio w:h 5:4, 3:2 Digital zoom No Effective pixels 16.2 megapixels Manual focus Yes Sensor photo detectors 16.6 megapixels Number of focus points 51 Sensor size Full frame (36 x 23.9 mm) Lens mount Nikon F mount Sensor type CMOS Focal length multiplier Processor Expeed 3 READ MORE AT NIKON D4 ADVANTAGES Nikon D4 Image No ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800 (204800 with boost) White balance presets 12 Custom white balance Yes (4) Image stabilization No Nikon D4 Optics & Focus Nikon D4 Site
  4. 4. Nikon D4 AdvantagesNikon D4 OverviewNikon D4 SpecificationNikon D4 AdvantagesNikon D4 ReviewNikon D4 Video Nikon announces Nikon D4 yesterday which is the new Nikon flagship full 4. Compact Flash & XQD memory card slots frame DSLR camera aiming for sports and wildlife photographers. D4 will D4 will have the new XQD memory card slot which is a new memory card replaces Nikon D3 & D3S. Nikon D4 are improved in many ways compared standard that has faster transfer rate & capacity compare to CF&SD. XQD to Nikon D3S. Let checks on its advantages: card is relatively new. It is smaller in size than CF card but bigger than SD card. Sony launches first XQD card with 32 GB capacity and 125mb/s write 1. New 16 MP full frame sensor speed. It has 4 MP more than Nikon D3s, which means it is slightly bigger. It also has expanded ISO (50-204800). However, I predict the best images will be 5. Enchanced durability produced between ISO 100 to 6400, the same as what Nikon D3s can Shutter durability has been tested for 400,000 counts, an 100,000 offer. improvement over Nikon D3S, and 250 better than D700. Like its predecessors, D4 will be a tough camera, completely weather-sealed. 2. New EXPEED 3 sensor and fast continuous burst There are some minor improvements/feature that you might like, for EXPEED 3 sensor aids in overall performance such as camera example built-in auto HDR, backlit illuminated buttons, compatibility with responsiveness, AF speed, in camera processing, etc. It also allows for Many Nikon legacy lenses and DX lenses, 2.7x Crop in video recording, faster continuous burst (up to 10 fps and 11 fps (with exposure and focus improve 51 AF points auto focus with face recognition capability. Nikon locked). D4 is a great camera for people who is looking for the best camera for sports, photojournalism, wildlife who wants fast cameras that do well in 3. Two joysticks high ISO setting and harsh environmental condition. For existing D3s & Nikon replace traditional AEL-AFL button and gives way to two joysticks D700 users, you will get a slightly higher image resolution and a faster that appears similar to Canon EOS cameras system. With the joysticks, camera. For D300 or D300s users, it will be a great upgrade. changing setting like AF points will be a lot faster because it allows diagonal moves. Nikon D4 Site
  5. 5. Nikon D4 ReviewNikon D4 OverviewNikon D4 SpecificationNikon D4 AdvantagesNikon D4 ReviewNikon D4 Video 1. It has a 16.2 MP CMOS sensor, with new EXPEED 3 image processor. important as are longer clip durations, the HDMI port and faster XQD Canon typically uses two processors in such a camera. The Nikon’s memory card standard. These make the D4 potentially very attractive for EXPEED 3 configured with this new sensor is untested by 99.999999% of video shooters. We also see Nikon at least TRYING to get the audio right – us. It’s PROBABLY amazing. But we need to shoot the camera over a week External mic input with manual levels and a headphone jack for audio or two to find out. The sample pics look good. monitoring. 2. The camera has a new bright LCD – should be amazing. We need to see how it works in sunlight. 6. Interface refinements including backlit buttons – it took a camera 3. The new Nikon has an updated and untested autofocus system. It manufacturer THIS LONG to copy Apple’s idea??? Should have happened autofocuses with lenses as slow as f/8 which gives it an on paper long ago. advantage over the new Canon 1DX. But the 1DX has more cross-hair 7. 10BaseT Ethernet wired networking. Okay – not sure how I feel about sensors spread further across the frame. Advantage nullified. this. I guess some folks will think this cool but my reaction was “Hey Nikon 4. The D4 will likely be the new high priest of those who practice the 1998 called and wants its wired network back.” How about WIFI? “Religion of the low-light.” Nikon has held about a stop advantage in low Anyone? Anyone? Yes you can add the WT-5 but why not build it in? I light performance for years over Canon and there’s no reason to expect asked the same of Canon back in October when they announced 10BaseT that won’t continue here – but at some point – just like megapixel on the 1DX. madness (Which USED to be the religion that most photographers 8. The new battery isn’t rated as high as the old D3 battery and is not practiced) we will have had enough with great low-light performance and backwards compatible. I don’t get this one. be hoping the camera companies come up with other or additional 9. The price is $1000 higher than I paid for my D3s bodies. Why? Because enhancements. they can. The ship date promised is February. I’m skeptical of the ship 5. The video on this camera looks to be substantively improved. Again – I date and also wonder if both Nikon and Canon haven’t potentially priced want to test for myself, but the samples I’ve seen are impressive. I think themselves out of at least a portion of the market with the steep price on it’s safe to say that Nikon and Canon are now neck and neck in this such cameras. department. Canon had the lead for a long time, but it seems that Nikon is FINALLY taking video seriously. The addition of H.264/MPEG4 format is Nikon D4 Site
  6. 6. Nikon D4 Videos Here are interesting video about “Nikon D4 - video feature run through”Nikon D4 OverviewNikon D4 SpecificationNikon D4 AdvantagesNikon D4 ReviewNikon D4 Video Nikon D4 Site