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Digital storytelling 4dec island


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Digital storytelling 4dec island

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling : A method “Digital Stories are short, personal, multimedia tales,- Lillehammer 2011 told from the heart.” - Reykjavik 4th December 2012
  2. 2. Microstorytelling
  3. 3. Joe, Dana + Next Exit +
  4. 4. Revolution
  5. 5. Digital Storytelling
  6. 6. Our Story - Berkeley University DUSTY & - Facilitator Workshop - International & local workshops - Projects: Knowledge, Community building, Selfdevelopment, Communication... Copenhagen Center for Digital Storytelling
  7. 7. What is it?"Digital storytelling takes the ancient art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to create personal tales using images, graphics, music, and sound mixed together with the authors own story voice." - Joe Lambert, Executive Director Center For Digital Storytelling
  8. 8. A ´typical´ story• A typical digital story holds the format:- A personal 250-300 words/script- 20-30 images/videos/drawings.etc.- Voice/music/sound effects etc.- 2 - 3 minutes long (iMovie/Movie Maker)- The digital story is normally produced on a 3-5 days workshop
  9. 9. Process1. Creativitet2. Storycircle3. Production4. Celebration et TIFFatkrᄒves QuickTimeᆰ og Der for (ukomprimeret)-komprimeringsvᄒrkt﾿ j, man kan se dette billede. Learning Reflection Identity
  10. 10. 7 Steps of Digital Storytelling1. Owning your Insights(POV)2. Owning your Emotions3. Finding the Moment4. Seeing Your Story5. Hearing Your Story6. Assembling Your Story7. Sharing Your Story1. Joes Cookbook - 2010
  11. 11. How? New methods• Google Earth• Videodiaries• Facebook updates
  12. 12. Urban Stories & The Library
  13. 13. Applab – A special place
  14. 14. Place-based stories - Involvement of young people - Community building - Identity and place - Dialouge & teamwork between institutions - QR codes & apps
  15. 15. Idea development & innovation • Workshop – sharing stories • Development of ideas
  16. 16. ExcercisePeople retain: 20% of what they hear 40% of what they hear and see 80 % of what they do and discover themselves
  17. 17. Time & spaceHow do we transcend time and spacethrough storytelling?Cases:1. Family portraits involving Skypeprojections2. Dear photograph
  18. 18. Relatedness in a global setting
  19. 19. Connecting the past and the present
  20. 20. ”Dear Photograph”- as a facebook project
  21. 21. YOUmedia ChicagoLearning Space in Chicago Public Library´sdowntown Harold Washington Library CenterTeens can engage in workshops on digitalmedia creation with focus oneg. civic responsibility.
  22. 22. Now is the time!A youth program, initiated by Chicago Libraryand Facing History and OurselvesI just dont listen to music,I listen to music I create
  23. 23. 1001 Story
  24. 24. StorifyA simpel online service, its a tool where you create asmall story in real-time.Its a time-line for your experience with pictures butalso
  25. 25. Share your story!!!
  26. 26. Join us! See more digital stories on: Facebook/