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Elements of quality training process


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Elements of quality training process

  2. 2. START• Attitude towards sports as a vocation• Full devotion and dedication to their sport• Strong motivation• Trust the coach and their capabilities• Clear objectives for the year, month, week, day, individual training, individual exercise / series
  3. 3. THE SECRET• Positive attitude to achieve objectives• Positive mood• Full clear consciousness of all non workout before the start of warming• Positive mental state at the start of training, which is maintained to the very end (preset workout)• Total concentration on the activity in each moment
  4. 4. NECESSARY• Fully warming• Flawless technical execution (dynamic relaxation – grant not participating in the movement the moment the muscles and perfect synchronization of breathing with the implementation of techniques)• Maintain the necessary intensity in each moment training• Use the precise amount of voluntary effort• Proper recovery during the workout with a concentration only the process of recovery
  5. 5. HARMONY• Avoid wasting time, attitude and concentration petit chat of others and with yourself, which is not related to the objectives of the training• Use of ideomotor training (autogenic training) before and during motor actions• Awareness and self-perceptions of specialized• Positive and stimulating atmosphere in the team during each training and collaboration• Full communication and partnership with the coach and teammates
  6. 6. PRECISION• Own creative problems are resolved in process of training• Relevant self-assessment and self-control in the process of implementing task of training• Internal (mental) modeling and external training as modeled training planned and conducted according to the cycle preparation• Completion of training with 100% implementation of the objectives and experience of success• Full recovery between workouts with attitude to form a perfect performance for the next workout
  7. 7. THE TARGET• Qualitative neutralize the impact of all stressors everyday and solving problems interfering with sports training• Professional attitude everyday engage only in such activities outside the training process, which contribute to the goals of the athlete• Removing everything unnecessary from the training process and everyday• Keeping a training diary, which are controlled motor and mental characteristics of the training