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The Future of Leadership Interview with Dr Lulu Gwagwa


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The Future of Leadership Interview with Dr Lulu Gwagwa (Chief Executive Officer at Lereko Investment)

Published in: Business
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The Future of Leadership Interview with Dr Lulu Gwagwa

  1. 1. The Future of Leadership Forum Featuring: Lulu Gwagwa Chief Executive Officer at Lereko Investment
  2. 2. • Where are you from (home town)? • What was your Dream Career when you grew up? • Who or what inspired you to reach for the Stars? • What was the turning point in your Career? • What is driving you today? Part 1: Lulu's Journey
  3. 3. • What does the Future of Leadership mean to you? • What have you learnt from your journey that is most important for building future leaders? • What would you like to tell aspiring leaders they should focus on for building a future- proof career? Part 2: Lulu's Future of Leadership Lessons
  4. 4. • What are the key Technologies that you envisage will be driving the Leadership of the Future? • How would you suggest aspiring Leaders should make use of Social Media to build their Personal Brand? Part 3: Lulu's Future of Leadership Ideas
  5. 5. • As a Mentor to Future Leaders, can you share a Success Story of one of your Mentees? • Which are the Role- models of Leadership that you would recommend future leaders should study? Part 4: Lulu's Future of Leadership Advice
  6. 6. • How can People get hold of you (LinkedIn, Website etc)? • Where can Listeners follow your Thought Leadership? • What is the one Thing you would ask Your Listeners to take away from this Interview and implement in their Leadership? Part 5: Lulu's Community
  7. 7. Fifty Insights from Global Thought Leaders