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Metric maze


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How effective is the Digital Brand of Kingston Ontario's own St. Lawrence College Advertising IMC program and how does it compare to that of other colleges and Universities in the area?

Let's take a look at some stats, some posts, and some pictures and find out,

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Metric maze

  1. 1. Nikolas Yuen
  2. 2.  Klout Twitalyzer Tweet Archivist Sentiment140 Social mention*
  3. 3. • Measuring Sentiment is difficult, as the Facebook digital brandis used more as a means of giving the faculty and students away to stay in communication as well as discuss upcomingevents.However, there are some commendatory posts in regards tosuccess that students within the program have had, so there issomething of a positive lean in regard to sentiment.• 2% reach means that we still do have a small degree ofinfluence. This is Further compounded by the brand’s Kloutscore of 42.• At the moment however, IMCSLC has not joined Klout, and so Irecommend doing so to better measure influence.
  4. 4. -Sentiment for the brand seems to be mostlyneutral with a positive lean.Out of a total of 65, 57 remain neutral while 8have a positive sentiment towards the IMC digitalbrand.-The Youtube channel carries a 37% reach in termsof its influence.
  5. 5. -Looking through the top keywords and users, someof the content discussed in the course seems to endup discussed on the YouTube channel.-In addition, instructors, and some of the influentialstudents in the program are among the top users onthe channel.
  6. 6. • Sentiment for the @IMCSLC Twitter profile has beenuniformly positive.
  7. 7. As far as influence goes, the @IMCSLC Twitter profilehas 240 followers.
  8. 8. The @IMCSLC Twitter channel sees the same kind of usage as theFacebook channel, wherein students and faculty post course-relevantinformation, send updates as well as the occasional missed-busadvisory, and engage in conversation during events such as TrendsTalk.
  9. 9.  As mentioned above, The @IMCSLC Twitter channel has seen a lot of use as the college hosts and spectates events such as TrendsTalk and the World Business Forum. In addition, curriculum-based events such as Flash mobs and presentations also see use of the Twitter feed as a means to engage and post relevant information.
  10. 10.  Comparing the IMC digital brand against that of other colleges and Universities, St. Lawrence has put a good deal of effort into their Social media platforms, using a combination of different channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Just about every major college in Ontario has social media channels, but St. Lawrence is among the few that have one dedicated to their Advertising program.  However, those among the competition that also have dedicated Social media platforms for their schools of business include…
  11. 11. IMC Digital Brand – Benchmark Analysis
  12. 12.  Right away, this is a serious contender for IMCSLC. Compared to St. Lawrence’s 229 likes, Queen’s University has 1051 likes, roughly five times that. However, IMCSLC isn’t outclassed. Going by how much engagement is generated by each, Queen’s University barely manages a lead with 30 people talking about the digital brand to IMC’s 29. In terms of influence, both digital brands have a reach of 54%. However, Queen’s still has a passion rating of 46%, 5 more than IMC, as well as a 5 point lead in terms of positive-leading sentiment. In all, Queen’s University’s influence as well as Kingston location make it a very key competitor to St. Lawrence College’s IMC digital brand.
  13. 13. IMC Digital Brand – Benchmark Analysis
  14. 14.  Another competitor in the digital realm for IMCSLC is Toronto-based Humber College. Starting with the Youtube Channel, IMCSLC has a slightly higher level of sentiment with 1 positive and 45 neutral for a total of 46, compared to Humber’s total of 18 neutral, as well as 54% reach to their 8%. However, Humber’s 77% passion rating outdoes IMC’s 41% by a clear margin showing that the discussion of the brand is style very strong, even if not as populous.
  15. 15.  Much like Queen’s, Humber College is another serious contender in terms of their Facebook platform. The Facebook digital brand has 468 likes and has no lack of marketing/advertising-relevant content being posted.
  16. 16.  Looking at the competition, the IMCSLC digital brand is holding its own against the best and standing tall above the rest. As mentioned earlier, there are many colleges with Advertising programs that are not using social media platforms. It can’t be stressed enough that Social is an important facet of advertising as well as marketing, and this is something that programs should be taking advantage of, something that our digital brand seems to have had the foresight to do. As for the Digital brand itself, IMCSLC needs to be able to keep up with other programs like those of Queen’s University’s and Humber’s Marketing program. It needs to be able to continue to find new ways to engage the students and faculty of the IMC program with new and relevant information that pertains to the ever-evolving industry. The brand happens to be in a good place right now, but it should take care not to get complacent and fall behind. That means finding new ways to use the Social media platforms that it has, as well as finding new Social media platforms that its students and faculty are beginning to use. Who knows, we may end up having an IMCSLC pinterest or instagram channel in the near future.