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Global Windows Azure Bootcamp (GWAB) Auckland 2014 - Windows Azure Integration Capabilities


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This session will provide a high level overview of the various capabilities on the Azure platform that will enable developers to integrate their Windows Azure application components within the Azure platform, other cloud platforms and their on premise enterprise applications.
The session will cover:
•Windows Azure Service Bus – queues, topics & subscriptions and relay services.
•Windows Azure BizTalk Services – One-way & two-way Xml Bridges, EDI capabilities.
•Windows Azure Storage Queues

The focus is on high level overviews, practical scenarios, demonstrations of techniques and where to find more information in labs & tutorials.

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Global Windows Azure Bootcamp (GWAB) Auckland 2014 - Windows Azure Integration Capabilities

  1. 1. Global Windows Azure Bootcamp Auckland March 29 2014
  2. 2. The Global Sponsors
  3. 3. The Local Sponsors
  4. 4. Windows Azure Integration Capabilities Nikolai Blackie • Principal Architect and co-founder of Adaptiv Integration • • Microsoft Virtual Technology Solutions Professional (v-TSP) • Microsoft Business Platform Technology Advisor
  5. 5. So as a hipster geek how can I connect all my cloud & on premise components? • WindowsAzure Service Bus • Queues, topics & subscriptions and relay services • WindowsAzure BizTalk Services • One-way & two-way Xml/Pass Through Bridges • EDI capabilities • WindowsAzure Storage Queues
  6. 6. Cloud OS and integration services
  7. 7. Bring the Cloud to your Enterprise: Integration BizTalk Server Your Data Center Service Bus WABS Partners Windows Azure
  8. 8. How do I enable messaging within the cloud, and cloud to on premise? Windows Azure Service Bus • Queues • Topics & Subscriptions • Relay Services
  9. 9. What is Windows Azure Service Bus?
  10. 10. Azure Service Bus – Queues BizTalk/WCF IIS SB Messaging Binding Senders Receiver Queue
  11. 11. Azure Service Bus – Topics BizTalk/WCF IIS SB Messaging Binding Topic Senders Subscribers
  12. 12. Azure Service Bus – Relay Securely extend integration reach BizTalk/IIS Relay Binding Relay Endpoint Senders Receiver BizTalk/IIS Relay Binding
  13. 13. demo
  14. 14. So what’s the difference between Windows Azure Storage Queues and Service Bus Queues?
  15. 15. Windows Azure Storage Queues Comparison Criteria Windows Azure Queues Service Bus Queues Ordering guarantee No Yes - First-In-First-Out (FIFO) Delivery guarantee At-Least-Once At-Least-Once At-Most-Once Transaction support No Yes (through the use of local transactions) Exclusive access mode Lease-based Lock-based Lease/Lock duration 30 seconds (default) 7 days (maximum) 60 seconds (default) You can renew a message lock Lease/Lock granularity Message level (each message can have a different timeout value) Queue level (each queue has a lock granularity applied to all of its messages)
  16. 16. Windows Azure Storage Queues Comparison Criteria Windows Azure Queues Service Bus Queues Maximum message size 64 KB (48 KB when using Base64 encoding) 256 KB (including both header and body, maximum header size: 64 KB) Maximum queue size 100 TB (limited to a single storage account capacity) 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 GB (defined upon creation of a queue) Maximum message TTL 7 days Unlimited Maximum number of queues Unlimited 10,000 (per service namespace, can be increased) Maximum number of concurrent clients Unlimited Unlimited (100 concurrent connection limit TCP protocol communication)
  17. 17. How do I integrate disparate data & transports with my cloud services? Windows Azure BizTalk Services • One-way & two-way communication • Xml & Pass Through Bridges • EDI capabilities
  18. 18. Integration Bridges?
  19. 19. BizTalk Service Windows Azure BizTalk Services Artifacts Schemas TransformsCertificates Assemblies Partner OM Partners Agreements PartnershipsProfiles Bridges Pass-ThroughXml One-Way Xml Request Reply EDI (X12 & EDIFACT) BizTalk Portal Visual Studio PowerShell
  20. 20. BizTalk Release cadence
  21. 21. demo
  22. 22. Windows Azure Integration Capabilities Require basic communication and messaging between services Need queues that can be larger than 5 GB in size
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Service Bus Resources solutions/
  25. 25. • SDK, schemas and tools downloads • BizTalk Service Forums • Samples MSDN Code Gallery • BizTalk Portal • MSDN documentation • BizTalk Team Blog BizTalk Resources
  26. 26. • Install Windows Azure BizTalk Services SDK ef073f5365f8 & service-installation.aspx • BizTalk Services Pricing Details BizTalk Resources