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Nikola Dakic - Architectural Portfolio

  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAE BASIC INFORMATION NAME: Nikola Dakic BIRTH DATE:WORK EXPERIENCE: 2008 EDUCATION: June 12 , 1982 - Ki Biro office, Belgrade, Serbia – working as Architectural Assistant2008 – Present 2001 – 2009 PLACE OF BIRTH: - Student dorm Patris, Belgrade, Serbia - as Architectural Assis- - Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia;- Aedas, Dubai, UAE – working as Architectural Assistant on several tant on renova on works of main building; Belgrade, Serbia Graduated on July 7 , 2009;major projects: 1997 – 2001 - Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE - Specialty Hospital located on ADRESS: 2002 - Secondary educa on: The Third Belgrade High School, Belgrade, Serbia.Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi designed to achieve LEED Gold cer fica on. Icon Tower 1It sits on a 93,566 m² site, with total build up area of 410,000 m², compris- - Ki Biro office, Belgrade, Serbia – internship Jumeirah Lakes Towersing of 360 beds (256 Beds + 32 VIP’s Beds + 72 ICU) – expandable to 490 LANGUAGES: - B92 Television and Radio Building, Belgrade, Serbia – assist- Dubai, UAEbeds In-pa ent Hospital and 324 exam room ambulatory clinic. Working on ing on exterior and interior works. - Serbian – mother tongueconstruc on site office as a part of construc on administra on team on re- MOBILE PHONE: - English – advanced knowledgeviewing room layout sheets, shop drawings and answering RFIs to ensurequality and construc on are in accordance with drawings, specifica ons - French – basic knowledge +971 (0)56 795 06 02and local regula ons. In providing final answers and decisions I was working COMPETITIONS AND EXHIBITIONS: +381 (0)64 136 41 89closely with various teams (clinical, interior design, MEP). As a part of a CA COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE:team I was also working with design team on design changes and ra onal- 2010 E-MAIL:iza ons to help to hit submission deadlines where I was able to speed up - Center for Promo on of Science, Belgrade, Serbia – interna onal archi- So ware: Proficiency: Using from: dakicnikola@gmail.comthe process with be er planning and systema c work; tectural compe on; AutoCad Advanced 2001 - Al Seef Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Master plan and concept design 2010 Revit Architectural Advanced 2008for 110 townhouses, 22 villas and hotel on a private island at Al Raha beach - Hotel “Igalo” in Herceg Novi, Montenegro – interna onal architectural Adobe Suit Advanced 2001in Abu Dhabi. My special assignment was design of master plan and hotel; compe on; 3d Studio Max Basic 2001 2009 - Center for Promo on of Science, Belgrade, Serbia – compe - Sketch Up Good 2011 - ARQUITECTUM – Interna onal architectural compe on for lo apart- on proposal. Master plan and concept design for museum of science, Bel- Microso Office Advanced 1999 ments in Lima, Peru;grade university building with 7 facul es of natural science and Student 2007 Windows environment Advanced 1999center. Apart from other works I was credited for design of the master planand Student center and boards design for the project presenta on; - Compe on for the architectural project of an office building in Bel- Internet Advanced 1999 grade, Serbia; - Hard Rock Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Besides work on a project 2006documenta on, my assignments included work on drawing of details and - Compe on for the architectural proposal of social housing for refugees OTHER:design process and coordina on between teams for concept and schema c in Pančevo, Serbia;stages of the project; - Working as a DJ in several Belgrade clubs; 2005 - Member of staff at “Archi-tekk”, architectural web magazine; - Southern Sun Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE - I was responsible for proj- - “Basketball Center” – Student compe on for the architectural proposalect documenta on, design process and coordina on between teams for all - Ac ng role in low budget mini-series “Potpisani”, Belgrade, Serbia; of a sports center, Belgrade, Serbia.of the building details for concept, schema c, detail design and tender - Member of staff at “Kontra”, cultural web magazine;issue stages of the project; - Voluntary work for “Red Cross”, Belgrade, Serbia; - Driver’s license: B category; - Al Madina Al Zarga Residen al Plots, Blue City, Oman - Mypersonal involvement besides of working on the project documenta on, PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:was work on drawing of details throughout all the stages, and involvementin design process for all of the buildings details; – Communica ve, ambi ous, crea ve, very good organiza onal skills, - Aedas office in Belgrade, Serbia - Organizing and supervising in- team worker, open to new challenges, willingness to learn and explore.terior works;
  3. 3. CLEVELAND CLINIC ABU DHABI AEDAS PROJECT 01 YEAR: 2011-2012 LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, UAE BUILD UP AREA: 410.000m² BUILDING HEIGHT: 124m STATUS: Under construc on PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: -as a part of construc on adminis- tra on team I was working with In- terior design, Clinical and Base build teams -working on RFIs, Shop drawings, Room Layout Sheets -working with design team on vari- ous PCOs and interior ra onaliza- ons of the project. -liaising on daily bases with various par es on the project PROJECT DETAILS: Specialty Hospital located on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi de- signed to achieve LEED Gold cer fi- ca on. It sits on a 93,566m² site, with total build up area of 410,000m², comprising of 360 beds (256 Beds + 32 VIP’s Beds + 72 ICU) – expandable to 490 beds In-pa ent Hospital and 324 exam room ambu- latory clinic.
  4. 4. AL SEEF ISLAND AEDAS PROJECT 02Townhouses: zone 1 Pedestrian Townhouses: zone 3 Recreation zone Townhouses: zone 2 Villas YEAR: 2011 BREAKOUT SPACE LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, UAE ISLAND PLOT AREA: 62.279 m² PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY ISLAND TOTAL GFA : 61.132 m² with 110 townhouses, 22 villas and hotel PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: -master plan design JOGGING TRACK -hotel design GREEN AREA, PARK costline WATERFRONT TOWNHOUSES PRIVATE MOORINGS VILLAS Canal Sea PROJECT DETAILS: Along Abu Dhabi’s sheltered coast- GATEHOUSE line, eleven precincts are emerging BRIDGE within one waterfront develop- ment, each with its own dis nct per- sonality and appeal. Al Seef repre- sent the social heartbeat of Aldar’s ambi ous new waterfront city. Here, a variety of contemporary PARK VIEW TOWNHOUSES apartments, family townhouses, pres gious villas and island hotels will all converge onto a boardwalk PRIVATE MOORINGS canal promenade. The canals and boulevards will create scenic pedes- trian connec ons between the BOUTIQUE APARTMENTS other precincts in Raha, providing space for public events/ social gath- VIL erings. The concept is reminiscent of TO LA WN ZO other great waterfront and canal de- HO NE US velopments in major interna onal EZ ON ci es and will create a benchmark E within UAE.
  5. 5. CENTER FOR PROMOTION OF SCIENCE AEDAS PROJECT 03.1 SECTION A YEAR: 2010 LOCATION: Belgrade, Serbia BUILD UP AREA: 18000m² PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: SECTION B -master plan and student center design -board design for the project presen- ta on -project reached the final round of the compe on. CONCEPT The basic idea was to develop a design that could preserve as much “green” park space as possible. The proposal takes each of the facility buildings and simply organizes them around an ‘organic core’. The func- on of this is further op mized with the loca on of the ‘Student Centre’ directly in the middle of the plot, crea ng a communal gathering area. The university building should dip down in the South corner of the site and raise to its highest point in the North. This will allow for light to penetrate the park space as well as making an opportunity of crea ng a roofscape accessable to pedestri- ans. ARCHITECTURAL APROACH The idea for the overall architectural dialogue was derived from under- standing pedestrian flows to and from the site. The aspira on was for a logical development that allows users to flow under, through and around its buildings. This con nuous sloping structure that starts at the South end with two levels and ends with six levels at the North is divided along its central axis by a long glazed MASTER PLAN atrium into two parallel stripes.
  6. 6. CENTER FOR PROMOTION OF SCIENCE AEDAS PROJECT 03.2 SECTION 2 The main facade of the Science Center is oriented parallel with the Boulevard of Art and reinforces the WATER FEATURE A WATER FEATURE A street edge with a built form. The WATER FEATURE A OUTDOOR A DOO DOOR O SEATING STORAGE TORAGE main mass of the building floats 0.00 MANAGER RESTAURAN T SOUVENIR & B OUVENIR UVENIR BOOK STORE KS R OFF OFFICE F above the ground plane crea ng a OFFICE STAFF T ROOM KITCHEN OPEN TO BELOW grand pedestrian passage to the STORAGE -1.00 JAN O OPEN TO ENTRY TR -7.60 1 heart of the Science Center Campus. TEMPORARY EXHIBIT FREIGHT ELEV ELEV E ELEV EV Addi onally the main mass of the 1 BOOKING OFFICE ADMIN HORTICULTURAL TI L STORAGE OR COAT CO CHECK COAT CHEC E GARAGE ENTRY E R building is oriented towards the OFFICE WATER FEATURE A ADMIN SUPPORT RT OFFICE E INFO DESK DE K TICKETING WATER FEATURE A urban areas to the South to buffer the galleries and main program E ELEV STAFF & PRINT T SPECIAL EVENT FIRST AID COPY TICKETING OFFICE CASH E ELEV areas from the noise of the Arsenija WATER FEATURE A 2 Carnojevica Boulevard Highway. VISITOR’S DROP OFF This hovering mass is divided into 3 dis nct zones. Public Lobby and Re- cep on space in the center, Galleries to the west, and Educa onal and As- GROUND FLOOR sembly spaces situated to the east. Central to this constella on of nodes is the Planetarium which is sur- NW 2 rounded by main entry, cke ng and +12.00 main arrival hall. Supported with a stainless steel column and bridges V1 the Planetarium floats above a sunken pool connec ng to the main public parking level below. The main public program is situated on the second floor and floats over V5 +9.00 +9.00 +10.00 -7.60 the ground plane. Ascending up- NE wards around the Planetarium visi-SW 1 tors are centered within the space -7.60 +10.00 and are drawn into the Planetarium 1 -1.00 for orienta on and a film screening. The Gallery Arm is situated to the V3 +8.00 west and is organized into 5 dis- +6.00 nctly shaped gallery bays of varing scale and height organized around V4 2 the mul story Temporary Gallery SE LEVEL 1 Atrium.
  7. 7. HARD ROCK HOTEL AEDAS PROJECT 04 YEAR: 2010 LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, UAE BUILD UP AREA: 77.383m² BUILDING HEIGHT: 162m STATUS: Under construc on PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: -part of design process -coordina on between various par- es included in the project -preparing drawing documenta on for all stages through the project PROJECT DETAILS: Hard Rock Hotel is a 5 stars hotel lo- cated in central area of Abu Dhabi. AEDAS office was working on all stages star ng from Concept Design to Detail and Construc on Design. Hotel contains 5 basement levels, ground floor, 4 podium levels and 34 floors.
  8. 8. SOUTHERN SUN HOTEL AEDAS PROJECT 05 YEAR: 2009 LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, UAE BUILD UP AREA: 47.061m² BUILDING HEIGHT: 104,7m STATUS: Under construc on PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: -part of design process -coordina on between various par- es included in the project -preparing drawing documenta on for all stages through the project PROJECT DETAILS: This project was commissioned to AEDAS office and it was carried through all of stages from Concept Design to Detail and Construc on Design. Southern Sun Hotel is a 5 stars hotel, located in central area of Abu Dhabi, and it contains 4 basement leves, ground floor, 4 podium levels and 19 floors.
  9. 9. BLUE CITYAEDAS PROJECT 06 YEAR: 2008 LOCATION: Blue City, Oman PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: -preparing project documenta on throughout all the stages -design and drawing of details through the project -coordina on with various parts in- cluded into project -all work was done in Revit Architec- tural PROJECT DETAILS: A er ini al concept designed by Norman Foster Architects, AEDAS office was chosen to produce proj- ect documenta on for other stages of the project. Whole complex included 13 neigh- borhoods and each of them contains 4-6 mul story housing units.
  10. 10. GROUND FLOOR 4 3 5 B PODIUM 1 2 3 B SITE PLAN 740 741/2 747 IGALO HOTEL 767 728 COMPETITION 726/1 07.1 2 739/1 727 729 899 4 721/2 5 721/1 726/2 B B 731 721/3 1 6 A A 718 719 725/2 720 1 15 722 7 725/3 725/4 8 725/6 725/5 725/7 14 11 725/1 9 651 650 725/8 YEAR: 2010 16 6 LOCATION: H. Novi, Montenegro 10 2572 BUILD UP AREA: 68.450m² 643 DESIGNED IN: Revit Architectural1.MAIN ENTRANCE2.RECEPTION A A DESIGN BY: Nikola Dakic 73.OFFICES PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:4.MEP ROOMS 645/15.EXHIBITION SPACE 12 645/3 645/2 -project was done in two weeks,and6.TOILETS7.GARBAGE 13 646 648 921 reached 12th place in compe ton8.LOADING DOCK9.CANTEEN 649 with more than 60 profesional10.SPECIALITY KITCHEN 1.SHOPING MALL 2.HOTEL ADMINISTRATION teams and companies.11.SPECIALITY RESTAURANT12.ITALIAN KITCHEN 3.LOBBY13.ITALIAN RESTAURANT 4.BANQUET ROOMS14.SHOPING MALL ENTRANCE 5.POOL MEP15.SHOPING MALL 6.MAIN KITCHEN16.GARAGE ENTRANCE 7.MAIN RESTAURANT 647 PROJECT GOALS: To build a new, modern hotel of 5 stars on the place of the old hotel, which will meet the needs of de- manding clients. Although it should be a modern hotel, it should also re- flect the architectural tradi ons of Montenegro. Architecture of the hotel need to a ract permanent guests as well as tourists in its res- taurants and entertainment areas. SITE CHARACTERISTICS: The loca on of hotel "Igalo" has an irregular trapezoidal shape. On the north side is local street with less in- tensity, and on the southern side is street with more intensity, and through it hotel looks on the beach and sea. The terrain is slightly uneven, and the height difference between the two streets is 5m. On the east and west side of loca ons are neighboring lots, with a low storey buildings. On east side of the site there is a natural stream, which flows from north to south.
  11. 11. PODIUM 2 5 B TYPICAL FLOOR 3 SECTION A-A IGALO HOTEL COMPETITION 07.2 ROOF 2 B 34000 3 ROOF 1 4 30000 TYPICAL FLOOR 4 6 26000 TYPICAL FLOOR 3 22000 TYPICAL FLOOR 2 B B 18000 TYPICAL FLOOR 1 14000 PODIUM 3 A A 10000 PODIUM 2 5000 PODIUM 1 0 7 GROUND FLOOR -5000 BASEMENT 1 4 -8400 BASEMENT 2 -11800 1 2 1 2 9 ROOF 2 SECTION B-B 34000 ROOF 1 30000 TYPICAL FLOOR 4 A A 26000 TYPICAL FLOOR 3 22000 TYPICAL FLOOR 2 18000 TYPICAL FLOOR 1 14000 PODIUM 3 10000 5 PODIUM 2 50001.CAFE BAR/ NIGHT CLUB PODIUM 12.BAR TERRACE 03.JYM GROUND FLOOR -50004.MALE CHANGING ROOM BASEMENT 15.FEMALE CHANGING ROOM 1.SUITE TYPE 1 -8400 BASEMENT 26.POOL AND SPA 2.TYPICAL ROOM -118007.CHANGING ROOMS 3.SUITE TYPE 28.POOL 4.TYPICAL ROOM CONCEPT9.POOL BAR 5.ROYAL SUITE The basic idea was to open the facil- ity as much as possible to the sea, and thus symbolically introduce coastline into hotel. This was ac- complished with two tracts set in a V-shape, and spread towards the sea. The main entrance to the hotel is between the two tracts, and to it we introduced a new local street, which is connected to the main street. Within the hotel complex "Igalo" we defined areas for the following pur- poses: -Space for a restaurant -Space for a shopping center -Space for a delivery and technical func ons of the building -Space available for accommoda on units -Free and green spaces -Traffic areas For facade of the hotel, the inspira- on was found in the surroundings of the loca on and architectural tra- di ons of Montenegro, and so the choice fell on vegeta on and stone. Stone is used in the podium levels and core walls, and vegeta on is used on all typical floors.