A to Z for healthy skin


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A to Z for healthy skin

  1. 1. ==== ====Do you want to look Pretty & Glamourous, check the following website :www.LookPretty&Glamourous.com==== ====Anti-oxidants are essential in maintaining youth and healthiness of the skin. They guard our skinfrom toxic free-radicals which can be what provides us with damage to the skin from things like thesun rays, dangerous environment, inadequate diet and smoking cigarettes. Free radicals arepoisons of the skin that are set up to destroy the epidermis. Ensure your skincare products are fullof vitamins and antioxidants to guard the skin and keep a young appearance. You should alwaysmake sure your diet is full of antioxidants such as green tea so you are fighting free radicalsinternally.BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) - Extensive investigation has gone into what can cause the skin todecrease in aging. Beta Hydroxy Acids are generally applied to get rid of dead skin cells within theepidermis and encourage the creation of new skin tissue. Daily use of BHAs for example SalcylicAcid has been found to reduce fine lines, sun damage and aging factors in the skin. Collagen is apowerful ingredient used in skincare (and is found in our skin) that retains pores and skin cellstogether while supplying firmness, toning and suppleness to the skin. Over time collagen losses itsfirmness and cause the skin to age and look older. To boost collagen make sure your skincarecontains ingredients that works with maintaining collagen such as Vitamin C and be sure to takeVitamin C internally to keep your collagen from loosing its firmness.Diet regime. What you eat will effect your skin significantly. What you put into the body will reflectthe hydration, suppleness and radiance of the skin. Even if you are using the most costly skincareproducts and your diet is not healthy your skin will suffer. To improve your skin through your dietmake sure your include salmon, grilled fish, lots of green vegetables, sweet potatoes, nuts andseeds.Exercising. Day to day physical exercise is not just therapeutic for the body and mind it many alsohelp to maintain a youthful appearance of the skin. Working out regularly boosts circulation whichwill assist to carry away waste material such as toxic free radicals from skin cells.Fish (Seafood). Is made up of natural oils that can help keep your skin tissues healthy by bringinghydration and nourishment to the skin. Fish oils also help to eliminate waste from the body andpermitting vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin cells. Make sure fish is part of your weeklyeating plan for lunch and/or dinner to add a radiant, healthy glow to your skin.Green tea is a perfect herbal tea to add to your diet everyday to protect your skin against freeradicals. Its a highly effective antioxidant that is also found in many cosmetic skincare to hydratethe skin and prevent aging.Hydration. Your skin needs hydration from water and moisturers everyday. If your skin doesntreceive optimum level of hydration it will start to look crepey and hard to touch. For a high level of
  2. 2. moisture you must drink your daily recommendation of water, top off your hydration with ahydrating moisturiser morning and night.Jessners Peel is a salon or cosmeceutical facial that is the designed to get rid of dead skin cells byliterally peeling the skin. This will then allow fresh skin cells to break through the skin leaving youwith soft, supple, smooth, radiant skin. This type of peel is recommended for those suffereing frommild to severe acne, sun damage or if your skin need a boost and lift for a special occasion.K (Vitamin). The perfect ingredient for dark circles under the eyes and decrease puffiness. Makesure your eye cream has Vitamin K included to strength skin under the eyes and improve darkcircles! Tip - never use moisturiser under the eyes this can give you Milia (little white heads).L Ascorbic Acid - also known as Vitamin C must be used on the skin as an effective anti-agingtreatment. It is a powerful antixoidant and can boost collagen and elastin in the skin. It can stay onthe skin for up to 72 hours. It can decrease the dark spots on the skin caused by the sun. Makesure you use a sunscreen when applying Vitamin C.Mineral Makeup gives you a natural flawless coverage without the use of damaging chemicals.There are no preservatives or irritating smells that can damage the skin if used over time. Mineralscannot grow bacteria, mold or fungai because of its pure state so you dont need to worry aboutclogging your skin pores and allowing for a breakout. Mineral makeup is a four in one and itincludes natural sunscreen, foundation, concealer and powder all in one giving a radiantappearance and healthy skin.Nourish. As we age the skins natural moisture levels decline which is why applying moisturiserdaily is essential for healthy skin. Using a good moisturiser daily will replenish and form aprotective barrier to prevent essential water loss! Make sure you have a nourishing night creamwith essential anti aging ingredients to nourish and balance your skin.Oils: sweet almond oil, grapfruit, grape seed, oil, rosehip & avocado oil. Essential oils arebeneficial on the skin as they smooth, tone, and intensely hydrate the skin. Lather your skin in theessential oils for complete body bliss!Pomegranate Extract: is found in many anti aging skincare products because it reducesinflammation and helps protect against free radical damage and promote skin regeneration.Pomegranate also helps reduce the breakdown of collagen and can prevent wrinkling andsagging.Q10 Enzyme is a very powerful antioxidant found naturally in every cell and tissue in the humanbody. Its function include helping to produce energy, neutralise free radicals and keep cellshealthy in the skin. Aging and stress can reduce the levels of CoQ10 in the body so its importantto have moisturisers that contain CoQ10 or take it topically as it is known as one of the mostaccurate ingredients to decrease aging in the skin. Retinol (vitmain A) is a must to be used bypeople who want to prevent aging. Popular among celebrities retinol helps skin produce collagen,can help reduce discolouration, fine lines, wrinkles and improve overall skin appearance. Retinolcan help produce healthy skin cells and can reduce the appearancee of acne.Sunscreen should be worn everyday as a protection against the number 1 factor of aging- the sun.
  3. 3. Make sure you use a morning moisturiser that contains a 30 plus sunscreen. The sun is sodamaging your skin can be harmed from just 10 minutes in the sun without sunscreen. You wontsee this damage in your skin until years later.Tanning is a healthy alternative from the sun for the skin! Spray tan solutions and self tanners usesuch advanced technology to create a natural tan that sometimes it is hard to tell if you have afake tan or not. Make sure you try out a few different tanning salons and have a self tanner handy(I love St Tropez its so easy to apply and is a great colour) to top up or healthy golden glowwithout damaging your skin!Urea is a ingredient found in some skincare products. Urea reduces the amount of water lostthrough the epidermis aids skin cell regeneration.Vitamins, vitamins and more vitamins! A lack of vitamins can make the skin lifeless, blotchy, dry oroily. A variety of vitamins are essential to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. Vitamin A,C, D & E are the most beneficial for the skin as the are antioxidants and prevent aging.Water. Is essential to maintaining a healthy skin! Your body has a number of functions it will workat 100% capacity when it receives an adequate supply of water. Add water to your diet by drinkingherbal tea, adding water to juice, eating lots of fruit or drinking 8 glasses a day! Your skin willappear smooth,, bright and healthy with the recommended supply of water in the body.Xanthan Gum. A Polysaccharide used in the cosmetic industry to prepare water gels. The gum issaid to have some skin hydrating properties and hence used in moisturising creams and lotions.Youthful appearance - Everyone wants to have a youthful appearance throughout their whole life.Make sure you follow these steps in the healthy skincare report and your skin will be sure toremain youthful!Zinc. Is important to bring life to damaged skin cells and it can heal wounds. When zinc is notsufficient in the diet the bodies repair time will take longer. Zinc is also beneficial for treatingbreakouts as it will help to repair the cells. Make sure you take a zinc vitamin on a daily basis tomaintain the health of your skin!I hope this healthy skincare report will help you keep on track to having balanced and youthfulskin. Be sure to visit my website today to learn more about how to keep your skin healthy.Find out how one can maintain a healthy skin by visiting this web site atwww.saleonbeauty.com.au.Amy Martin is a very passionate beauty therapist, makeup artist, PE teacher, trainer and businessowner. You can see the latest and hottest beauty and health information at Amys beauty blog athttp://www.saleonbeauty.com.au we hope to see you there!
  4. 4. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Amy_Jane_Martin==== ====Do you want to look Pretty & Glamourous, check the following website :www.LookPretty&Glamourous.com==== ====