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IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery

  1. Continuous Delivery with IBM Bluemix Niklas Heidloff, IBM Developer Advocate @nheidloff July 2017
  2. AgendaAgenda •  Concepts and Terminology •  Demo: Simplest Pipeline •  Demo: Microservices application and Delivery Insights •  Demo: Third party tools •  Discussion @nheidloff
  3. Why is Continuous Delivery important ?Goals •  Get user feedback as quickly as possible •  React quickly to new requirements and provide fixes •  Reduce deployment risks by deploying smaller pieces @nheidloff
  4. Continuous DeliveryTerminology •  Ability to deliver new functionality constantly and rapidly •  Deployment pipelines are used to automate ... –  Creating builds –  Running various tests –  Deploying to different environments @nheidloff
  5. Continuous DeploymentTerminology •  Deployments to production environments –  Versus deployment possibilities in Continuous Delivery •  Something is done when it is deployed and used by people –  Opposite from “It works on my machine” •  Allows getting user feedback –  For MVPs as well as for continuous improvements –  Via A/B testing @nheidloff
  6. Continuous IntegrationTerminology •  New code is tested frequently in the master branch –  To detect issues early and locate them easily –  To prevent the traditional “integration hell” •  Requires automation on various levels •  Everything needs to go under source control, including configuration @nheidloff
  7. DevOpsTerminology •  Collaboration between developers, operations professionals and other IT professionals •  DevOps enables organizational environments to collaborate, from product design over deployments to learning from users •  Required for continuous delivery @nheidloff
  8. ToolchainsTerminology •  Integration of third party and open source tools @nheidloff
  9. DemoDemo •  Simplest possible pipeline @nheidloff Annotations in orange
  10. Demo @nheidloff Create new Node.js App
  11. Demo •  s @nheidloff Default Toolchain
  12. Demo @nheidloff Default Pipeline
  13. Demo @nheidloff GitLab Version Control
  14. Demo @nheidloff
  15. Demo @nheidloff
  16. Demo @nheidloff
  17. Demo @nheidloff Orion Web IDE
  18. DemoDemo •  Microservices application and Delivery Insights @nheidloff Annotations in orange
  19. Demo @nheidloff
  20. Demo @nheidloff Microservices Application
  21. Demo @nheidloff Pipeline with two Environments
  22. Demo @nheidloff
  23. Demo @nheidloff UI Test Automation
  24. Demo @nheidloff
  25. Demo @nheidloff
  26. Demo @nheidloff
  27. Demo @nheidloff
  28. Demo @nheidloff
  29. Demo @nheidloff
  30. Demo @nheidloff Deployment Plan
  31. Demo @nheidloff Toolchain Definition read from Version Control
  32. DemoDemo •  Integration of third party and open source tools @nheidloff Annotations in orange
  33. Demo @nheidloff
  34. Demo @nheidloff Third Party Tools – Jenkins and Slack
  35. Demo @nheidloff ChatOps
  36. Demo @nheidloff Jenkins as Alternative to IBM Delivery Pipelines
  37. Demo @nheidloff Publish Jenkins Data to Toolchains
  38. Demo @nheidloff Git Annotations via Toolchains
  39. Demo @nheidloff Jenkins Pipeline
  40. Demo @nheidloff Jenkins integrated in Delivery Insights
  41. Discussion Niklas Heidloff, IBM Developer Advocate @nheidloff July 2017