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Rti professional development 3 22


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Published in: Education
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Rti professional development 3 22

  1. 1. Lea rning Goal: S taff will gain a better understanding of current changes in education and how RtI is impacting teaching and learning. Ag enda · Video Clip ·Break Out Sessions ·Reflection-"What Would You Say?" ·Wrap Up
  2. 2. Shift Happens... W hat does the American educational system traditionally value? In your groups, please discuss what you believe are the current values in American schools.
  3. 3. Did your current perceptions of American educational values change after watching the video clip? · What were your big ideas or ah-ha's? Industrialized Collaborative How do you envision your classroom?
  4. 4. · Some students are just lazy. Or… · I need to find out why some of my students are not learning in this class. Would I say…
  5. 5. Would I say… · I have a student who has a learning disability; I don’t really expect him to meet the standards in this class. Or … · I need to meet the special education teacher and find out how to help this student learn in my class.
  6. 6. Would I say… · These kids can’t read the textbook; that’s why they’re failing social studies. Or… · Students are having difficulty reading the textbook. I am finding other resources to help them understand social studies material so that their learning in not dependent on reading the text.
  7. 7. Would I say… · She is the brightest student in my class. She is getting bored with the assignments. Or… · When I plan for the week, I think of alternative assignments for her to stretch her application of learning.
  8. 8. Would I say… · Several students are struggling in my class. I hope they pull it together by the end of the semester. Or… · I need to figure out why they are struggling now so that they can get the help to learn the content and pass the class. Resource: Response to Intervention: An Action Guide for School Leaders, by Ehren, Ehren and Proly
  9. 9. Team Discussion · What are the prevalent beliefs in your building? ·What would you be most likely to hear staff saying? ·How do these beliefs impact daily decision-making and instructional practices in your school? ·What do you think will be most challenging for you as you plan for RtI? ·What are strengths in your building related to beliefs?