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  1. 1. Sound navigation for blind people Pre-studies Evaluation Sound aidedStudying the role 3 focus groupof sounds in computer experimentsmultimedia navigation forlearning blind peopleMexhid Ferati, Mark S. Pfaff, Steve Mannheimer, Davide Bolchini, Audemes at work: Investigating features of non-speech sounds to maximize content recognition, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 70,Issue 12, December 2012, Pages 936 966(
  2. 2. Design and evaluation for haptic controller Pre-studies EvaluationStudying haptic Performancefeedback, virtual Haptic controller evaluation (howenvironments, tel prototype good and accurateeoperation. is the prototype)Ellis, R.E., Ismaeil, O.M. & Lipsett, M.G., 1996. Design and evaluation of a high-performance haptic interface.Robotica, 14(03), p.321. Available at:
  3. 3. Mobile learning for students with special needsReason for development Evaluation Market research Software for Students were showed that mobile learning using the software there was a need through digital in their learning for students with devices for six months special needs to Students took a learn through knowledge test mobile digital before and after devices using the software Álvaro Fernández-López, María José Rodríguez-Fórtiz, María Luisa Rodríguez-Almendros, María José Martínez- Segura, Mobile learning technology based on iOS devices to support students with special education needs, Computers & Education, Volume 61, February 2013, Pages 77-90 (
  4. 4. Indoor positioning systemReason for development Conclusion Indoor WiFi based indoor Authors came to positioning is the conclusion hard because GPS positioning that WiFi based is unavailable as system indoor positioning a solution. prototype is suitable Woo, S. et al., 2011. Application of WiFi-based indoor positioning system for labor tracking at construction sites: A case study in Guangzhou MTR. Automation in Construction, 20(1), pp.3-13. Available at: