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How to use Facebook to sell cars

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Facebook steps to success auto

  1. Facebook’s 4 Stepsto Dealership Success
  2. People are connecting with their favorite businesses on Facebook at a massivescale and telling their friends which businesses and products they love 1B people on Facebook 3B likes and comments generated daily
  3. News feed is where 1 billion people spend time sharing the most important parts of their lives and where car dealerships can engage them in conversation 40% of people’s time on Facebook is on news feedSource: comScore, June 2012.
  4. Facebook’s 4 steps to dealership success Step 1: Build your Facebook Page 4 Steps To follow to grow your dealership on Facebook by building lasting Step 2: Connect to people with ads relationships with customers Step 3: Engage your audience with quality content Step 4: Influence the friends of your fans
  5. Step 1: Build your Facebook Page Your Page is the central place to grow your dealership, build your brand and develop relationships with your customers. Create a Page. 1 Set your cover and profile picture Set a cover photo that represents your brand. 4 Pick a logo or image people associate with your business as a profile picture. 1 2 Choose a category and Page name Select a category and a Page name that represents your business. Set a web address you can use in marketing material. 3 Create your first post which can 2 show in the news feed Successful posts are short (100-250 characters) and visual (photos get 120% more engagement). Geof Reinhardt Such a great experience! Love… 4 Get existing customers to like your Page Caitlin Meyer Knowledgeable, friendly… Invite customers, friends, & email contacts, and3 Alyssa Allen Great selection. choose a web address.
  6. Step 2: Connect to people with ads Once you have created a Page, connect with more potential customers using well-targeted Facebook Ads via Power Editor • Create Page like ads to increase your likes by including valuable benefts and calls to action e.g. “Like us to get exclusive sales” Page like ad • Reach a large audience with targeted campaigns e.g. Broad Category Targeting or Topics Targeting Ads • Grow the right audience so your posts can Are paid messages coming be seen by more relevant people in the news from businesses. They are feed the voice of the marketer. They can include social context about • People who like your Page spend 2x more friends. than those not connected**All engagement data and statistics are based on internal Facebook studies and represent average results.
  7. Step 3: Engage your audience with quality contentPost quality content to keep your audience interested, create opportunities for sales, andhelp your posts show in news feed. Manage your Page. Engaging photos• Post regularly, at least 1-2x per week to maximize engagement in the news feed• Create a content calendar and schedule your posts Exclusive specials• Post compelling content: photos, videos or exclusive specials to engage Page Insights your audience and ensure your posts show in the news feed Scheduled posts• Understand your audience with Page Insights
  8. Your posts can show in the news feeds of people who like your Page 40-150x more likely people will consume content from 45% 65% a Facebook Page in the of comments on of likes on news feed than on a mobile happen mobile happen Facebook page in news feed in news feedNote: Engagement analysis is based off of average CTR for aggregate Page posts over a 7-day period., comparing news feed (delivery to fans and friends of fans) toright-hand side. Source: Facebook internal data, July 2012. Worldwide normalized data (based on news feed impressions and right-hand side impressions).
  9. Facebook Offers helps you bring customers to your dealership with a promotionthey can claim and share with their friends.Available on all Pages with at least 400 likes. Get started with Offers.Offers key benefts: Drive Sales: Offers drive sales to both Virality: Offers are highly viral due to a Measurability: Offers drive measurable current and new customers special news feed story that tells people sales and include optional features such when their friends claim it as barcodes and unique codesHow to run an Offer: Customers will see your Offer on desktop and mobile
  10. Step 4: Influence the friends of your fans Sponsored Stories encourage word of mouth marketing about your business at scale. Create sponsored stories 1B users Page like sponsored story• Sponsored stories allow you to promote messages coming from friends about them engaging with your business 650K friends• Encourage people to interact with your business organically, and then create sponsored stories to drive word of mouth promotion• Create Page like sponsored stories to get more 5K fans likes and spread the word about your business to friends of fans
  11. Create ads and sponsored stories in Power Editor to select specifc placementsSelect news feed placement in desktop and/or mobile via Power Editor Page post ads and Sponsored stories created from Power Create a sponsored Editor can be selected to story or Page post ad show specifcally in the news 1 feed, the most engaging placement on the site Select news feed desktop, Select “Placements” 2 mobile, or both 3
  12. Review results and continue testing1 Ads Manager Measure ads results - Review the performance and engagement on your ads and sponsored stories in your Ads Manager - Optimize actions likely to result in the business outcomes you want - Schedule reports to see a breakdown of all the actions users took on each ad and the types of users interacting with your ads - Schedule News Feeds reports to optimize ads and sponsored stories being shown in news feed2 Page insights Measure Page results - Understand the performance of your Page with Insights - Learn which types of Page posts are getting the most engagement and continue testing these - Optimize your content to your audience so people will tell their friends about you
  13. Best practices for Automotive vertical Post relevant, compelling content more frequently to your Facebook Page: Our data shows that automotive brands publish less frequently than other categories. Increasing publishing frequency will drive more engagement and greater news feed distribution. Create variety and keep posts relevant by publishing about new concept vehicles, special editions, your brand’s heritage, and racing. Build anticipation for new vehicle launches by releasing photos and videos leading up to reveals and retail launches: Automotive Page fans love sneak peeks and new products. Photos and videos are a great way to showcase them, and are the most engaging Page post types overall. Develop a calendar of vehicle specs and images to release to your fans leading up to major new product introductions. Create Facebook-specifc special editions and publish fan-only sales and service offers: Automotive fans appreciate being recognized for their support of your Page. Enable them to create special editions online, and provide them with Facebook-only offers to drive them to your retail locations. Tag other brands, nameplates, or dealerships from your “automotive family” in your Page posts: Facebook Pages provide the ability for one Page to tag another Page in a post. This can be an effective method for increasing the distribution of recent news about a brand, nameplate, or dealership. For example, a brand- level Page could post a review about a new model launch and tag that model’s Page in its post.
  14. Grow your dealerships business by building lastingrelationships with people on Facebook Your Company