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Red Square (Mosku)


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Red Square (Mosku)

  1. 1. St Basil Cathedral, built by Ivan IV, finished in 1561
  2. 2. St Basil´s interior
  3. 3. St Basil´s icons
  4. 4. View of Red Square from St Basil
  5. 5. Minin and Pozharsky monument (sculptor Ivan Martos)
  6. 6. At the left Kremlin´s wall, behind Senate Building, at the back Museum of History
  7. 7. Red Square and Spasskaya Tower
  8. 8. Gum Shopping Center
  9. 9. Inside a colorful shopping
  10. 10. Senate Building, behind Red Square´s walls
  11. 11. Soldier, at the back Lenin´s Mausoleum and Senate Building
  12. 12. The square is being closed at the public
  13. 13. At the café outside the Gum Shopping Center, only place I was allowed to stay
  14. 14. To take this “Oficial Photo” , the square has been evacuated
  15. 15. At the back, Voskresensky (Resurrection) Gate
  16. 16. Closer view of the History Museum
  17. 17. Upper towers of Voskresensky (Resurrection) Gate
  18. 18. The icon of Christ's Resurrection was placed above the gate. Thus it became known as the Resurrection´s Gate
  19. 19. Kazan cathedral, situated at the entrance of Red Square
  20. 20. Inside, ortodoxian ambience
  21. 21. Last photo taken at the side of St. Basil, at the right is Lobnoye Mesto, known as “Place of Skuls”, built in brick in 1598
  22. 22. By María Music: Epic Russian Music (Mix) . Red is beautiful When Moscow was the heart of the Soviet empire, many tourists believed that Red Square was, as the Red Army, named because the advent of communism in Russia! No! Red Square, means nearly six centuries of Russian history, owns its name simply at the fact that the Russian word "red", "beautiful" and "sacred" were one. Even today, in every house, the place where the icons are placed is traditionally called the "red corner"