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Paris, luxe & art


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People, arts, jewelry with exotic music

Paris, luxe & art

  1. 1. Paris, luxury art and jewelry Biennale des Antiquaires
  2. 2. It took place at the Grand Palais
  3. 3. Designer Karl Lagerfeld worked creating an environment in gray and white (like streets) to show in an smart place thousands of jewelry and artwork
  4. 4. The aim was to create an eventwhere the beauty ofthe objects on show ,would compete with that ofthe women visitingthe exibition
  5. 5. Lucio Fomtana, argentine born painter
  6. 6. Weapons,armors anditems fromJapan
  7. 7. Art from Asia
  8. 8. Beautiful , original african mascs
  9. 9. Andy Warhol
  10. 10. Old french fourniture isalso present
  11. 11. Rare & beautiful pieces from exotic places
  12. 12. By Maria mocampos@gmail.com Music: Buddha Bar VIII (CD 1-Paris) Sanja Illic & Balkanica Kora Karl Lagerfeld People Charlotte Casiraghi Sophie Marceau Art Jewelry