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An island half chinesse, half portuguesse.

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  1. 1. Macao 澳门
  2. 3. A- Ma ( 妈阁庙 ) temple, built in 1448 dedicated to the goodness of the fishermen “Matsu”
  3. 17. Portuguese style cobled-stone at decks & steets
  4. 18. The statue of Guan Yin A mix between trational images of the goddess and Holy Mary.
  5. 21. Largo do Senado
  6. 22. St. Joseph Seminary & chuch
  7. 26. Ruins of St Paul, the façade of the church built in 1602 and destroyed by fire in 1835
  8. 27. One of the latest “ casinos”, main source of income
  9. 28. Trishaw Macao was the last portuguese & european colony in China. After more than 400 years it was returned to China in 1999. Photos: May 2006 Music: Lei Qiang By Maria [email_address] A chinesse island half portuguese A delicious mix of cultures & peoples & food.