Golden Temple (kitchen & food)


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Visiting kitchens, watching how the food is made, enjoying being at such an interesting place
People was kind and explain quite well about the food, also they invited me to help to made bread ( chapatis)

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Golden Temple (kitchen & food)

  1. 1. Kitchen, food & people Golden Temple Amritsar
  2. 2. Indeed few places in India demostrate so clearly the country genious for diversity & tolerance, the twin reasons that explains why India has remained one nation When the Murghal emperor Akbar offers to give Guru Amar Das a platter of gold coins to support the kitchen, he refused saying “ The kitchen is always run with the blesing of the almighty” Guru Amar Das created the community kitchen during his time, in the 16 century
  3. 3. Here, about 35.000 people a day are fed for free by people volunters
  4. 4. Everyone is invited to join the making of bread Visitors must not drink alcohol, eat meat or smoke at the temple
  5. 5. The groaning, clattering machines never stop, transforming every day12 tons of whole wheat flour into nearly a quarter-million discs of flat-bread called roti
  6. 9. The roti is roll flat and send down to a gas fired conveyor belt
  7. 10. It spitt out a never-ending stream of hot, floppy, perfectly round bread
  8. 13. Langar is a free santified meal which is prepared daily and served at the temple
  9. 14. Volunteering and community support are expresed in the Langar These two men are talking in a relaxed way, waiting for their work to begin
  10. 15. Soup lentils, three and a third tons of them bubble away in big cauldrons, stirred by bearded , barefoot men
  11. 17. The pungent, savory smell comes from 1.700 pounds of onions and 132 of garlic, sprinkled with 330 pounds of fiery red chillies
  12. 19. <ul><li>Communal contributions and combined efforts of the people helped to organize the guru’s free kitchen based on the principals of: </li></ul><ul><li>Kirat karo – Earni ng by means of earnest, honest efforts and endeavors. </li></ul><ul><li>Vand chakko – Sharing of earnings and resources such as foodstuffs or other goods, and by serving others. </li></ul><ul><li>Naam japna – Remembering the name of God at all times whether cooking, distributing langar, or doing cleanup. </li></ul>
  13. 20. Later I was told that these day I was the only oxidental to visit the kitchens
  14. 21. Thousands of volunteers have scrubbed the floors, chopped onions, shelled peas and peeled garlic
  15. 23. It s lunchtime at what may be the world ‘ largest eatery, the langar, or community kitchen at the Golden Temple
  16. 24. Once the lunch is over, plates and bowls must be returned It s done in perfect order
  17. 25. At least 40.000 metal plates, bowls and spoons have been washed, stacked and are ready to go
  18. 29. By Maria [email_address] “ This is our tradition”, said Harpinder Singh, the manager of this huge operation, “ anyone who wants can come and eat” August 29, 2010 Amritsar Journal Music: G uru nanak dev ji Performed by R avi A thwa l Guru Amar Das