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Cuzco ( Peru )

Corpus Christi in Cuzco

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Cuzco ( Peru )

  1. 1. Cuzco In Corpus Christi
  2. 2. I went to Cuzco and just by chance there was a traditional catholic celebration “ Corpus Christie “ During two days the carved wooden images of saints went from their church to the Catedral, in from of the main square.
  3. 3. It was a mix of cristian beliefs and local people ( inca ´s descendants ) Music and singing was everywhere.
  4. 14. wooden figures & masks
  5. 16. Entrance to “ L a Merced” convent
  6. 17. This cell was painted by a monk that used his blood to obtain a rare & special red.
  7. 18. Inca Garcilazo ´s house, altar & bed. He was a famous local writer.
  8. 21. Tambomachay : Inca´bath ( fed by natural springs )
  9. 23. At the side of this doll, hanging higt in a tree, rural people left mesagges. It works as a comunal mail service
  10. 24. Moon ‘ s valley Center of sacred ceremonies at day & night
  11. 25. Qenko Religious site which name means labyrinth, contains sacred caves & on top huge stones .
  12. 26. Typical inca´s construction, a window carved stone.
  13. 27. Sacsayhuaman It was a fortress and a sacred center, belived to have been an astronomical observatory.
  14. 30. Stones are enormous, finely worked with no mix in between them.
  15. 31. Music : ( peruvian folk) Photos: Taken with a non digital camera By Maria [email_address] I spend at Cuzco a fantastic time, enjoyng the people, the music, the festivity. It was quite an experience watching all those images in the steet, carried sometimes from far away churches.