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Chantilly Castle


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A visit at the Castle, Condé Museum, Gardens and Gand Stables while listening a valz from Bizet

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Chantilly Castle

  1. 1. Visiting Chantilly Castle, Condé Museum, Gardens & Great Stables
  2. 2. Drawn at the end of the seventeenth century by André Le Nôtre for the Grand Condé, the parterre à la française of Chantilly offers the most dazzling view points of the visit
  3. 3. The library And archives of the Château de Chantilly in figures: 44,000 ancient books including 700 incunables; 1500 manuscripts from which there are 500 illuminated
  4. 4. The woodwork in the room were carried out under the direction of Jean Aubert in 1720 for the Duke of Bourbon (1692-1740) The large chest of drawers with golden bronzes was commissioned by King Louis XVI to his room at Versailles The Room of the Prince
  5. 5. The Grand Cabinet Corner This corner piece is part of the apartment of the Prince of Condé, decorated to 1720 White and gold paneling, patterned relating to hunting, are characteristic of the early eighteenth century On the mantelpiece, a pendulum Louis XIV
  6. 6. The Monkey Room “Singerie” Charming boudoir dated 1737, formerly attributed to Watteau, entirely decorated with murals of Christophe Huet, Great Singerie represents a superfluous decoration of monkeys and baboons Chinese, fashionable at this time
  7. 7. The Action Gallery of Monsieur Le Prince (or Battle Gallery)
  8. 8. The Grand Condé ordered the painter Sauveur Le Conte, specialist in military painting, a series of eleven paintings of its major military actions and had given specific directions for their implementation He died in 1686 while the work, which lasted from 1686 to 1692, had barely begun
  9. 9. Furniture Georges Jacob commissioned by Louis XVI for the Salon des Jeux de Saint-Cloud (1787) The white and gold paneling are characteristic of the early eighteenth century The Music Room
  10. 10. Deer ‘s Gallery It was a huge dining room reception of the Duke of Aumale, was built between 1875 and 1880 by the architect Honoré Daumet
  11. 11. The Picture Gallerie It is a large room with beveled edges, lit by a glass roof; works are presented "frame to frame" on the walls of a Pompeian red, depending on the format, without chronological logic
  12. 12. The Rotonde
  13. 13. At the end of the gallery, reached by a staircase is the rotunda, on the ground, a mosaic from excavation in Pompeii depicts a scene from chasse
  14. 14. Devoted to the collection of portraits of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, notably from the entourage of Clouet father and son Logis Room Clouet
  15. 15. Dedicated to St. Louis, was built in 1882 by architect Honoré Daumet at the request of the Duke of Aumale, more or less where the old chapel stood before the Revolution The chapel of the Hearts of the Princes of Condé
  16. 16. It is home to the hearts of the princes of Condé, beginning with Henry II de Bourbon-Condé. The last heart that was laid from Louis d'Orléans, eldest son of the Duke of Aumale, he died of yellow fever in Australia in 1866 It s a double chapel
  17. 17. The stained glass windows dating from 1544
  18. 18. Date of the reconstruction of the Grand Castle in 19th century by architect Honoré Daumet. It is lavishly decorated with marble floors The hall of Honor
  19. 19. Located at the heart of the château, under the vaults of the former kitchens
  20. 20. Were built by the architect Jean Aubert at the request of Louis-Henri de Bourbon, Prince de Conde , legend said he thought himself reincarnated as a horse and wanted therefore be worthy of his rank. He left France one of the architectural masterpieces of the eighteenth century The Great Stables
  21. 21. It runs at the side of the stables Racetrack of Chantilly
  22. 22. By María Music: Bizet - Grand Valse de Concert pour piano Views & Visited Places