Content Strategy and IA :: IA-Konferenz :: 11. - 12. Mai 2012 :: Essen


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Presentation from Nikki Tiedtke at IA-Conference 2012 in Essen, Germany, about how content strategy can and should support Information Architecture. Because IA without content strategy is just giving a garbage can a better signage.

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Content Strategy and IA :: IA-Konferenz :: 11. - 12. Mai 2012 :: Essen

  1. 1. Content Strategy and IAIA-Konferenz :: 11. – 12. 05.2012Nikki Tiedtke :: Senior Interaction Architect
  2. 2. “IA withoutcontent strategyis just giving agarbage can abetter signage.”
  3. 3. Contents 1.  Content and IA: The 3 second elevator pitch 2.  What is content and content strategy? 3.  Where we work together 4.  How we work togetherUSEEDS° user centred thinking 3
  4. 4. Content and IA: The 3 seconds elevator pitch
  5. 5. USEEDS° user centred thinking 5
  6. 6. Possible user questions after visiting Geezeo What are my benefits? What do they talk about? What do they offer? Why should I care? What should I do?USEEDS° user centred thinking 6
  7. 7. USEEDS° user centred thinking 7
  8. 8. Ah!USEEDS° user centred thinking 8
  9. 9. What is content?
  10. 10. Content is… Available in many formats and surely not just text Text Text is… Channels could be … Website Customer Support Graphics UI copy Mobile Error messages TV Videos / Animations Alt tags Radio, etc. Metadata Formats could be… Games / Widgets Forms Online articles Search results Banners Audio Help pages eBooks Marketing pages Videos Infographics Images Emails Podcasts Customer Service copy PDFs Terminology, etc. Case studies Trial downloads, etc.USEEDS° user centred thinking 10
  11. 11. What is content strategy?
  12. 12. “Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery and governance of useful, usable content” Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the WebUSEEDS° user centred thinking 12
  13. 13. “Content strategy ensures that… Business strategy Brand strategy Editorial strategy Publishing strategy … are included in digital UX strategy.”USEEDS° user centred thinking 13
  14. 14. Content Strategy and IA – where we work together
  15. 15. Content strategy and Information Architecture CS IA CS CS IA CS IAContent Strategy Definition and graphic by Brain Traffic 2010USEEDS° user centred thinking 15
  16. 16. Core strategy: How content supports business and user goalsContent Strategy Definition and graphic by Brain Traffic 2010USEEDS° user centred thinking 16
  17. 17. Substance: What content and why? Which channels and formats?Content Strategy Definition and graphic by Brain Traffic 2010USEEDS° user centred thinking 17
  18. 18. Structure: How is content structured, accessed and designed?Content Strategy Definition and graphic by Brain Traffic 2010USEEDS° user centred thinking 18
  19. 19. Workflow: How do we create and implement content? With what teams, processes and tools?Content Strategy Definition and graphic by Brain Traffic 2010USEEDS° user centred thinking 19
  20. 20. Governance: How do we measure success and maintain content?Content Strategy Definition and graphic by Brain Traffic 2010USEEDS° user centred thinking 20
  21. 21. Bing! The elevator waits again…
  22. 22. USEEDS° user centred thinking 22
  23. 23. I want to see, not read Unrelevant copy Filler content: Das Richtige… Massgeschneidert… Erm…where is the product? Exklusiv… Jederzeit…USEEDS° user centred thinking 23
  24. 24. USEEDS° user centred thinking 24
  25. 25. Ah!USEEDS° user centred thinking 25
  26. 26. How we work together
  27. 27. Where does Content Strategy support IA? Contextual inquiry Customer journey Content auditIA What contents do users What are the users’ What are the content need / expect? questions? heuristics? How do they talk about With what content can What content do we haveCS their needs? we answer them? and where? Which channel and In what shape is the What words do they use? format makes sense? content, the metadata? Do they interact with Who owns each page? Is content? Where? How? it relevant, outdated?USEEDS° user centred thinking 27
  28. 28. Example: Customer Journey & Content StrategySteps Unaware Aware Evaluate Buy UseQuestions 1.  __________ 2.  __________ 3.  __________Answers 1.  i.e. what stories / topics / themes 2.  __________ 3.  __________Format / 1.  i.e. Text & Video on website 2.  __________Channel 3.  __________ * Adapted from Barbra Gagos Content Mapping Templates: USEEDS° user centred thinking 28
  29. 29. Where does Content Strategy support IA? Competitive & Web-Analytics Personas trends analysisIA Which contents are What contents do What topics do they care used? competitors offer? about? How do users interact How do people speak How much content doCS with content? about a topic? Where? they need? How do users rate What are common What channels and content? themes, words? formats do they use? What writing style would suit them?USEEDS° user centred thinking 29
  30. 30. Example: Personas & Content Strategy Persona Name & Type Age Product usage Quote Main goals Motivations Pain points Content needs Formats Channels •  What information? •  Which formats would the •  Which channels would •  In what depth? persona use? the persona use?Adapted from Daniel Eizans: „Context in Content Strategy“:° user centred thinking 30
  31. 31. Where does Content Strategy support IA? Scenarios & user Information Wireframing flows ArchitectureIA What content supports What is the content goal How is the priority & the user goals? for each page? hierarchy of content? What are the core What are the key What is the real copy forCS contents & key messages and CTAs for Wireframes? messages? each page? Are there possible Where in the flow should What are the labels? Do localization issues? they appear? they fit the Style Guide? Where do we need What is the SEO contextual, supporting strategy? content?USEEDS° user centred thinking 31
  32. 32. Example: Scenarios & Content Strategy Where will List of a tank of Content accesso- gas get require- ries him? Need: “I ment Need want a balance of features and fuel economy” Feature list, User Goal: “ I Video Content require- need to replace Safety ment features my car.” Content Need require- ment Content require- mentAdapted from Daniel Eizans: „Context in Content Strategy“:° user centred thinking 32
  33. 33. Example: Scenarios & Content Strategy Scenario: User goal: Product detail Homepage Search results Product category page Key contents Key messages Contextual contentsAdapted from Daniel Eizans: „Context in Content Strategy“:° user centred thinking 33
  34. 34. Example: IA & Content Strategy: Message hierarchy Call to action What do I need to do? Primary Why? message Secondary How? message When?Based on Karen McGrane, Bond art + science:° user centred thinking 34
  35. 35. The message is the core Flow Website structure structure Core message Page Page design structure (conceptual & visual)USEEDS° user centred thinking 35
  36. 36. Example: Page table Can be used to define contents and hierarchy on pages Page ID: Page name: Page objective: Main call to action: Secondary call to action: Main message: Why do I need to read ths page? What can I do here? Key message / user benefit 1: What’s my benefit? Objective reasons to believe: Why should I believe this is beneficial for me? Key message / user benefit 2: Objective reasons to believe: Key message / user benefit 3: Objective reasons to believe:USEEDS° user centred thinking 36
  37. 37. Where does Content Strategy support IA? UX-Guidelines Usability TestingIA What are content What content do we need guidelines for UI to test? patterns? What is the EditorialCS Styleguide? How can we test it? What are Content How can we measure our Usability Guidelines? content’s success?Extracted from° user centred thinking 37
  38. 38. We face the same challenges
  39. 39. Then… Now… Static websites = static content Websites are dynamic = content has to be adaptive Few publishing channels: Print, online, Multiple publishing channels across different radio, TV devices: Social, Video, Mobile etc. Brands have central ownership about their Content can be shared and published by content everyone Digital media was a solitary experience Digital media is interactive Publishing tools where costly, complicated Publishing tools are freely available and had to be built Using digital media was a niche Digital media is mainstream = higher expectationsUSEEDS° user centred thinking 39
  40. 40. My wishes for 2012 and beyond Don’t debate who’s More IAs do CS. more important in UX. It’s always the user. More CS do IA. Think holistically Embrace similarities Group hug We are all in publishing now. Let’s go for it!USEEDS° user centred thinking 40
  41. 41. Say hello. Don’t wave goodbye. E-Mail: Slideshare: Facebook content strategy & user experience group: Twitter: @NikkiTiedtke XING: Linkedin:° user centred thinking 41
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