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Shall We Play a Game? Gaming the System, When the System Is Your Learning Management System


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This session will provide an overview of the world of games and discuss how we envision the adaptation of specific elements in the educational interface. What is it about games that engages and motivates players, and how can we apply this interest to increase learning success in online? We’ll also consider the future of games, and how this developing technology might level up learning as well.

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Shall We Play a Game? Gaming the System, When the System Is Your Learning Management System

  1. 1. Gaming the System… Nikki Massaro Kauffman @nikkimk #TIE12 “Game  Genie  for  Super  NES.”  by  Evan-­‐Amos  h:ps://­‐Genie-­‐SNES.jpg  
  2. 2. “And.. Snap! The job’s a game!”
  3. 3. “When  will  we  realize  that     VIDEO GAMES Figured  this  stuff  out  a  long  Jme  ago?”       Screenshot  from  the  Mouse  Trap:  h:ps://  
  4. 4. “School… is a game; it's just not a terribly well-designed game. There are levels… A, B, C. There are statuses. I mean, what is valedictorian, but a status?” —Seth  Priebatsch:  The  game  layer  on  top  of  the  world  
  5. 5. Screenshot  from  Trivia  Crack:  h:p://  
  6. 6. Image,  “Atari  E.T.  Dig:  Alamogordo,  New  Mexico”  by  taylorhatmaker:  h:ps://­‐Terrestrial_(video_game)#/media/ File:Atari_E.T._Dig-­‐_Alamogordo,_New_Mexico_(14036097792).jpg  
  7. 7. Image,  "Monopoly"  by  William  Warby  on  Flickr:  h:ps://  
  8. 8. “When people feel they have no control over the outcome of a game, that leads to aggression… If you press someone’s competencies, they’ll become more aggressive.” —Richard Ryan, University of Rochester Screenshot  from  Mortal  Kombat:    
  9. 9. “As a player’s skill level increased, the player was less likely to act out verbally against other teammates, including female-voiced players.” ArJcle  by  Denny  Connolly  for  Gamerant:  h:ps://­‐bad-­‐gamers-­‐rude-­‐to-­‐women-­‐opponents-­‐teammates-­‐125/  
  10. 10. Representation Image,  "Playing  'Risk'"  by  Tambako  The  Jaguar  on  Flickr:  h:ps://  
  11. 11. “But if you can model things for people, if you can give things to people that they can manipulate and play with and where the feedback comes, then they can learn a lesson, they can see, they can move on, they can understand.” —Tom  Cha)ield,  “7  Ways  Games  Reward  the  Brain”  
  12. 12. Frames  from  Neglix’s  “Stranger  Things”  
  13. 13. îWe split up the party and those trolls took us out one by one." óDustin Henderson, Netflixís ìStranger Thingsî Frames  from  Neglix’s  “Stranger  Things”  
  14. 14. Screenshot  from  The  Blood  Typing  Game:  h:p://  
  15. 15. Screenshot  from  Stop  Disasters:  h:p://  
  16. 16.   Screenshot  from  The  ReDistricJng  Game:  h:p://  
  17. 17. Discovery
  18. 18. Image  "Pokemon  Go  Pocket  Monster"  by  Stux:  h:ps://­‐pokemon-­‐go-­‐pocket-­‐monster-­‐1543353/  
  19. 19. STORYTELLING Screenshot,  Final  Fantasy  VII:  h:ps://  
  20. 20. “We think in story. It’s hardwired in our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us.” —Lisa  Cron,  Wired  for  Story   Screenshot,  Chrono  Chross:  h:ps://  
  21. 21. Screenshot  from  the  CDC's  “Solve  the  Outbreak”:  h:p://­‐app.html.    
  22. 22. Screenshot  from  Third  World  Farmer:  h:p://  
  23. 23. Screenshot  from  the  mobile  game  "Valiant  Hearts:  The  Great  War:  h:ps://  
  24. 24. Gaming the LMS
  25. 25. —  Reiner  Knizia,  board  game  designer   MASTERY LEARNING: “When playing a game, the goal is to WIN, but it is the GOAL that is important, not the winning.”  
  26. 26. “Games are brilliant at this. Every time you do something, you get credit; you get a credit for trying. You don't punish failure. You reward every little bit of effort—a little bit of gold, a little bit of credit. You've done 20 questions— tick. It all feeds in as minute reinforcement.” —Tom  Chagield:  7  ways  games  reward  the  brain   ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!
  27. 27.               Screenshot  of  duolingo:  h:p://  
  28. 28. Dunbar’s Number “…And you get this number of 150. This looked implausibly small… but it turned out that this was the size of a typical community in hunter-gatherer societies. And the average village size in the Domesday Book is 150…” —Robin Dunbar, anthropologist
  29. 29. h:ps://­‐bright-­‐idea-­‐robin-­‐dunbar    
  30. 30.   “Life  is  just  as  much  about  the   CO-OP MODE as  it  is  about  compeJJon.”  
  31. 31. ìGamers are virtuosos at weaving a tight social fabricÖ And the reason is, it takes a lot of trust to play a game with someone. We trust that they will spend their time with us, that they will play by the same rules, value the same goal, stay with the game until it's over. î ó Jane McGonigal
  32. 32. Throwing students into group work to teach them about collaboration is like throwing beginners into the deep end to teach them about swimming.
  33. 33. Screenshot,  Clash  of  Clans  8  by  Themeplus  on  Flickr:  h:ps://  
  34. 34. Screenshot,  Clash  of  Clans  8  by  Themeplus  on  Flickr:  h:ps://  
  35. 35. ìI was thinking Will could've cast Protection last night, but he didn'tÖ He put himself in danger to help the party.î óDustin Henderson, Netflixís ìStranger Thingsî Frames  from  Neglix’s  “Stranger  Things”  
  36. 36. Image,  "Final  Fantasy  (NES)  Nintendo  Power  Strategy  Guide”  by  Bryan  Ochalla  on  Flickr:  h:ps://   Don’t you wish you had a strategy guide for working with people?
  37. 37. Peer evaluations should be part of an ongoing and immediate feedback loop.
  38. 38. This slide (and others) made possible via the teamwork of… John Butler Matt Farley Natalie Harrison Lisa Komidar Dave Sandor Veronica Terrill Sonya Woods
  39. 39. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED Communicating Effectively ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED Meeting Deadlines ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED Mentoring Others
  40. 40. We are preparing all learners: future champions, future lifeguards, future coaches, and people who can at least stay afloat.
  41. 41. Education is not about the filtering of students. It’s about the scaffolding of them.
  42. 42. The best ways to reach Nikki are __________ , __________ , & __________. Tweeting @nikkimk Emailing Invoking her namethree times:

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