Horticulture Marketing Booklet Double Page Spread


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Horticulture Marketing Booklet Double Page Spread

  1. 1. Horticulture is the science involved in the cultivation, propagation, managing, design and marketing of ornamental plants, trees, turf, vegetables, fruits and nuts. It is unique amongst sciences as it not only involves science and technology, but it also incorporates art, principles of design (landscaping) and general plant management. Fusion is also a science meaning the merging of diverse, distinct or separate elements to form a solid, unified whole. This definition accurately summarises the fundamental driving INDUSTRIES WHEELS TURNING force behind both Fusion’s workforce and horticulture divisions, presenting as a dynamic mix of employment and on hired staffing specialists working together to form a THE FORCE KEEPING formidable and unbeatable team. GROWING TOGETHER “Fusion supply reliable staff with skills and interests relevant to our industry. They respond to client demands proactively in an ever changing drought environment.” Operations Manager - Citywide Whittlesea, Open Space
  2. 2. Fusion Horticulture specialises in sourcing, attraction and retention strategies for the Horticultural industry recognising it’s significant approximately $20 billion contribution to the Australian economy. Main Entry: spe·cial·ist Pronunciation: ‘spe-sh(&-)list Function: noun 1 : one who specializes in a particular occupation, practice, or branch of learning Being a specialist means not attempting to be everything to everyone, nor varying our products or services from our core business practice. Fusion Horticulture supply exceptional people and unrivalled service solutions. At Fusion we know where we excel and we stick to it. This allows continual reinvestment back into our business enforcing constant services and infrastructure improvement’s to ensure we are the only option for industry when it comes INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS to PEOPLE solutions. WALKING THE WALK “Australian Open 2008 presented unique challenges requiring complex reconstruction completed within tight timeframes, the right people were critical and Fusion assisted us in achieving our objectives in a professional, timely manner.” Horticulture Manager, Melbourne Olympic Parks
  3. 3. Facilitating Permanent, Temporary, Contract and Casual workforce requirements. Short term, long term, ad hoc or a combination, Fusion offer flexible, customised and importantly, sustainable solutions. PRODUCTION HORTICULTURE u Viticulture u Permaculture u Agriculture u Hydroponics u Fruit & Vegetable Market Gardens u Wholesale Trade Nurseries u Forestry AMENITY HORTICULTURE u Arboriculture u Landscaping u Parks & Gardens u Turf Management u Retail Trade Nurseries UNIQUE, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS u Interior Landscaping u Floriculture “We“Fusion was easily thefrom Fusion to be excellent, with constant communication being the key. have found the team leader in their ability to satisfy our requirements in the following areas: We are more than happy to refer Fusion as the horticultural industry vetting offor labour that has been long awaited.” immediate response to inquiries; careful solution applicants; general professionalism…” Fixed Operations/Human Resources Manager Director - Xtremeturf Australia Managing ARM Group Australia Pty Ltd
  4. 4. Fusion Horticulture provides specialist advice and technical services to the horticultural industry. Fusion Horticulture clients include nurseries both wholesale and retail, industry organisations, golf courses, local government and private contractors, landscapers, wineries, tree care and maintenance, turf laying, domestic garden services, floriculture and market gardens to name a few. Our Mission is to provide businesses the opportunity to grow through engaging professional labour and efficient staffing management solutions coupled with horticultural business management services. Fusion clients have access to a broad range of services, including: u Specialist OH&S Risk Assessment and Work Cover claims management u Industrial Relations guidance and support to tackle regulatory framework u Benchmarking and training support programs u Strategic labour management advice and support u Technical horticultural management advice u Financial and productive benchmarking for key crops u Crop Potting production management advice u Field Research and Development u Strategic business planning, budgeting and financial STRATEGIC STIMULUS PACKAGES... reporting u Company succession planning u Facilitating tender preparations and assessments THAT WORK! u Growing the knowledge base of industry through appropriate training programmes u Delivering appropriate technology and operational projects for growers and their service industries “All Fusion personnel attend work equipped with appropriate gear, relevant industry experience and skills and importantly, the right attitude. Fusion’s attention to detail with the small things that make a big difference has so far been unmatched.” Operations Manager - Citywide Stonnington, Open Space
  5. 5. MEMBERSHIPS Fusion Horticulture are current members of the LIAV (Landscape Industries Association Victoria) and the NGIV (Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria). Fusion representatives actively attend association functions, seminars and conferences, which allows us to network within the industry. Fusion are acknowledged as a supplier under each industry profile. EDUCATING INDUSTRY’S FUTURE All businesses need skilled employees to survive and thrive, with education and ongoing training vital to the development of their workforce. Fusion actively provide formal presentations within the TAFE and UNIVERSITY system, aimed at students currently studying within horticultural streams. Fusion provide students with an awareness of what each industry can offer and where the future career opportunities may be, but most importantly encourage them to stay at school and complete their course. We have been receiving positive feedback from students and teachers and the program will continue to be an important part of Fusion’s INDUSTRY SUPPORT AND EDUCATION school based presentations along with career expos, workshops, field day displays and programmed training. Talk to Fusion about how we can help you access the talent we uncover conducting our educational exercises. “Fusion staff are friendly and responsive to our needs and very professional in their approach. Their candidate quality exceeds expectations every time.” National Human Resources Manager - Tiger Turf Australia. Pty Ltd.