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Brochure Bring FM!

  1. 1. Dear European providers of facilities and facility services, bringFM!’s mission is to promote the social and economical benefits of including providers of facilities and facility services in achievingOn May 16th 2012 bringFM!, the European Union Centre for Facility smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Being successful in today’sManagement based in Brussels, was founded. 25 Years after its global market starts with developing a strong pan-European baseEuropean introduction EU Facility Management (FM) produces 7% and creating convergence with horizontal and vertical peers.of GDP. FM is the largest business service and despite economic Together with the European Union, business services peers and builtcrisis our sector is growing. With the publication of the EN15221 our environment stakeholders, we aim to stimulate policies that facilitatehorizontal profession has matured and this has enabled us to be and integrate European people, places and processes. We strengthenactively engaged with the European Union. Now is the time to take the competitiveness of your organisation and help you facilitate yourresponsibility and make our voice heard in Brussels on behalf of clients, costumers and end-users.European providers of facilities and facility services. We invite you to become a member of bringFM! to liberate the power of European providers of facilities and facility services.bringFM! organizes issue-driven collaboration and will representthe interest of the sector towards EU politicians and policy makers,it serves as a centre of knowledge for its members, helps the publicsector implement the EN15221, develops the cooperativeand starts the EUFM Foundation and EUFM Investment Trust. Jos Duchamps, Chairman
  2. 2. The aims of theassociation are ...a. Supporting European providers of facilities and facility services, defined as ‘facility products’ in EN15221, to enforce their competitive strength and growth by: ■ Providing them in a proactive way with information about development of EU policy in the area of: Work and working environment Public procurement and outsourcing Internal market Competitive strength Productivity and competences Real estate and cities Sustainability and CSR Labour legislation Digital information Business services ■ Enabling them to exercise influence on that policy; ■ Representing them in an objective and non-obtrusive way at the EU institutes with the aim of adjusting that policy in the desired way;b. Implementing the EN15221 norm series by supporting the European public sector;c. Founding a cooperative which has accrediting powers;d. Setting up a EUFM Foundation and EUFM Investment funds.The association aspiresto achieve its aims by:a. Working together pro-actively with the European Commission, members of the European Parliament and other relevant EU organisations, and also with similar associations and by taking part in their call for ‘proposals’, ‘consultations’, ‘hearings’, seminars, etc.b. Offering online and offline services: ■ Organising meetings with the organisations mentioned under a. ■ Organising study groups and round tables. ■ Publishing whitepapers, websites, weblogs and online newsletters ■ Publishing a 6-monthly magazine about the work of the association and its members ■ Offering training courses, workshops and seminars.c. Using all other legal means which are considered useful or necessary to achieve the intended aims.
  3. 3. The importance of the EU is ever increasing. There are around 15,000 bringFM! will also proactively set the EU-agenda. We will strive forlobbyists in Brussels but the European FM sector is not adequately changes in regulation where it is outdate or constraining. For our firstrepresented. Currently, there is no organisation that defends the year, the focus lies on:common interest of the FM sector. bringFM! is about to change that. 1. Connecting FMIS, CAFM, BIM and NWoW with the Digital Agenda 2. Public procurement and the EN15221, DBFMO and FMTo this end bringFM! will raise awareness with EU policymakers to outsourcingthe importance of the sector, monitor relevant policy developments 3. Internal Market, Service Directive, Competitiveness and growthand voice the position of the sector on new EU initiatives. We have 4. Real estate, architecture, cities, workspace and workplaceestablished our headquarters in the European area in Brussels. In order 5. Sustainability, cleantech, CSR and fair labour achieve its goals, bringFM! will act reactive and proactive. Through this dual approach we aim to contribute to smart regulation thatbringFM! will react by identifying relevant policy developments strengthens the competitiveness of the European FM sector.and alerting its members of the impact of changes in the regulatoryframework. We will facilitate our members in drafting sector positions. The secretariat of bringFM! is run by the public affairs consultancyWe then will defend these positions by disseminating position papers, Bureau Brussels. Their expertise in the field of public affairs will ensuretaking part in consultations and hearings, and organising events. effective and efficient communication towards policymakers. bringFM! organises an annual general meeting in combination with a public conference presenting its objectives and task force results. bringFM! organises itself on the basis of community management principles focused on interaction. An Advisory Council will be made of country representatives and members from peer organisations. The Advisory Council will monitor the activities of bringFM! and act as a sounding board. bringFM! will have two websites ( and, a Wordpress weblog, LinkedIn Group, Twitter account, monthly online newsletter and a six monthly magazine.Organisational structure Members Reader-members (legal persons) (natural/legal persons - subscribers) GENERAL MEETING Board of Directors (executives) Advisory Council Jos Duchamps Ian Fielder Fred Kloet Rinus Vader Country Peer Lodewijk Buschkens Michael May representatives organisations Josef Tesarik Richard Harris
  4. 4. Membership Members are Europe-based providers of facilities and/or facility services in the fields of space, infrastructure, people and organisation as defined in EN15221 and registered with a European chamber of commerce. Members can come from (examples only): catering furniture multi-service cleaning hospitality procurement construction human resources real estate consultancy integrated FM security document management maintenance software Membership types and annual fees are based on organisation size: Individuals are offered a reader-membership (€ 75 per year) without < 10 FTE, € 500 250 < 1.000 FTE, € 7.500 voting rights. Reader-members are entitled to discounts on products 10 < 100 FTE, € 2.500 1.000 < 10.000 FTE, € 15.000 and services. The European Union Centre for Facility Management is a not-for-profit association focussed on the interests of the European 100 < 250 FTE, € 5.000 10.000+ FTE, € 30.000 FM sector. The centre will be developed following these steps: 1. July: select council members and start membership campaign 2. September: General Meeting and strategy 3. January 1, 2013: start delivery membership services. Join us in liberating the power of European providers of facilities and facility services. Download a copy of our constitution and become member. By joining now you can help develop our strategy, participate in our 2012 activities in Brussels and receive 18 months of services for the price of one year. ou l Mad Square Ambiorix Marie-Louise Square e Tunn Rue Archimède Rue d in e la L oi / W nkl etstr Fra aat Rue 0> e l TrônWarandepark E4 rgh European e Commission nb rte e Tunn Co de Av. Station Rue B Brussels elliar Shuman Rond-Point d/B Robert Schuman elliar dstra Jubelpark at Av. d ’Aud ergh Rond-Point Robert Schuman 9 em 1040 Brussels, Belgium Leopold Park T. +32 2 230 92 22