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Sorry day powerpoint


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sorry day celebration

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Sorry day powerpoint

  1. 1. Sorry Day26thMay 2010
  2. 2. I would like to acknowledge the traditionalcustodians of the land, the Ngunawal Peopleand call on the Spirit Ancestors to walk with ustoday, as we share and learn together.
  3. 3. This flower is the national emblem of the StolenGenerations. It is found widely across Australia and it isa survivor .For the mothers and children ofthe Stolen Generation.
  4. 4. As we light this candle we rememberthe Stolen Generation. We lookforward to true reconciliation andhealing for the future generations.
  5. 5. Be StillBe st ill, wait , do not rush t hings.Let lif e happen by it self .Work wit h it , t rust in t he spirit ualit y and wisdom t hatis around you.Wit h conf idence, we wait f or God t oo.His t ime is right t ime .Wait f or Him t o make His Word clear. Right t ime , gent le t ime, don t rush.Somet imes wait ing is painf ul.Somet imes it s a st ruggle.But ,Circle is always t urning. Right t ime will come.Be pat ient .Be st ill.List en.
  6. 6. Psalm 46:10Be st ill and knowt hat I am God.
  7. 7. BE
  8. 8. STI LL
  9. 9. BE
  10. 10. STI LL
  11. 11. BE
  12. 12. STI LL
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  14. 14. STI LL
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  16. 16. STI LL
  17. 17. Psalm 46:10Be st ill and knowt hat I am God.
  18. 18. DadirriDadirri is about t aking t ime t o list en andt o be renewed. The I ndigenous peopleshave experienced dadirri f or over40,000 years.We can learn f rom t hese t radit ions andexperience t hem t oday .Let us share some of our ref lect ions f romour dadirri experiences.
  19. 19. Our Students
  20. 20. Let us pray• Leader: We honour the memory of the peopleof this land from long ago.All: We hear their cry and pray for healing.Leader: We are mindful of the dispossessionof these people from their land.All: We hear their cry and pray for healing.Leader: We leave here today ready to worktowards Reconciliation with theAboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.All: We hear their cry and pray for healing.
  21. 21. Please extend your hand in a blessing to othersas I read our blessing prayer.In the name of the Father….Creator Spirit, God of the Dreaming, God of thisancient land, you who see the good in all yourpeople, we thank you for the gift of our manydifferent cultures. We come together with ourhearts ready and open to your Spirit of peaceand healing. We ask you to fill us with the loveand understanding that can help us to acceptthe wrongs that have been done to ourbrothers and sisters. Help us now to do allthat we can to be one in your love and peace.We make this prayer in the name of Jesus who
  22. 22. Aust ralian BlessingMay you always st and t all as a t reeBe as st rong as t he rock UluruAs gent le and st ill as t he morning mistHold t he warmt h of t he campf ire in yourheartAnd may t he Creat or SpiritAlways walk wit h you.E.Pike 97