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Confidentiality manager training mha 690


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Confidentiality manager training mha 690

  1. 1. Nicole Jiggetts MHA 690: Health Care Capstone
  2. 2.   Patient privacy and security are major concerns in the health care industry. The development of health information technology software, electronic health records, cutting edge Internet health services, and government regulations establish distinct security challenges (Security and Privacy of Electronic Medical Records, n.d.).
  3. 3.    HIPAA “was designed to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient information” (Pozgar, 2012, p, 282). Patient information and medical records are considered protected health information. The privacy standards under HIPAA refer to the limitations placed on access to identifiable health information and the use and disclosure of this information. This includes electronic, paper, and oral health information (Pozgar, 2012).
  4. 4. Examples of protected health information and identifiable health information include:  The mental or physical health of any patient  Names and social security numbers of patients  Medical record numbers and health plan beneficiary numbers. Past, present, or future health care diagnoses, treatments, care plans, and overall medical history. 
  5. 5.  Confidentiality of health information is controversial public policy issue due to a lack of compliance and adherence to HIPAA guidelines, and insufficient security regulations. According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, “maintaining confidentiality is difficult due to the increased risk of unauthorized use, access, and disclosure of confidential patient information that advancing information technology creates” (Health Information Confidentiality, 2012, para. 1).
  6. 6.    Confidentiality, privacy, and security protocols were disregarded at UCLA hospital. Staff members breached security policies and did not adhere to organization HIPAA laws or state laws. Data breaches are costly and also damage the credibility of a the entire organization.
  7. 7.    Educate healthcare personnel on confidentiality and data security requirements. Confirm that confidentiality and security policies and guidelines are coherent to HIPAA laws and regulations. Implement periodic data security audits and risk assessments (Health Information Confidentiality, 2012, para. 8-9).
  8. 8.       Review and modify privacy and security policies. Updating employee training programs Establish breach notification protocols Assure authorized access of patient information Monitor the access and disclosure of PHI Develop an information protection strategy and framework (Information Protection Framework, 2010, p. 2).
  9. 9.    These are steps every manager must take to ensure compliance and adherence to privacy, security, and confidentiality protocol. Managers must also implement disciplinary measures for staff members who violate these guidelines. The protection of patient information is a requirement in health care; ethically and legally (Security and Privacy of Electronic Medical Records, n.d.).
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