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Webb, Wade, & Taylor

  1. 1. Webb, Wade & Taylor, LLC is a group of eight Peachtree City attorneyswho pool their resources to provide a comprehensive and full-servicelaw firm. Our people draw from diverse legal backgrounds ranging frompersonal injury attorneys to Georgia adoptions lawyers.
  2. 2. About the Law Offices of Webb, Wade, & Taylor, LLCAt the offices of Atlanta personal injury lawyers Webb, Wade & Taylor, LLC we arecommitted to helping our clients seek justice in virtually any personal injury case. If youor a member of your family has been hurt by another party’s reckless or even maliciousbehavior, we will join your fight for fair compensation. You should not have to live withlegal struggles or severe financial losses because of another person’s actions.Call our offices today at 770-631-1811 to discuss what we can do for you.
  3. 3. James H. Webb Jr.Mr. Webb is the founding partner ofthe firm. He insists that the lawyersand the other employees of the firmmaintain a high level of professionaland personal excellence. One of thefew lawyers in the State of Georgiarecognized as a Board Certified CivilTrial Advocate by the National Boardof Trial Advocacy, he has given manylectures and seminars to otherlawyers in the areas of medicalmalpractice and trial advocacy. Mr.Webb is a former chairman of theGeneral Practice and Trial Section ofthe Georgia State Bar, which hasapproximately 3,000 lawyer members
  4. 4. Jonathan J. WadeMr. Wade is a native of Atlanta and practices as a trial lawyer. His practicefocuses on personal injury cases including truck wrecklitigation, automobile accidents, premises liability, wrongful death actionsand slip and fall cases. He also handles business litigation cases such ascontract disputes, breach of contract actions and other commercialdisputes. He has extensive trial experience. He has taught law schoolcourses in torts, civil procedure, trial practice, criminal law, criminalprocedure and appellate procedure. He is admitted to all of Georgia’scourts and the United States Supreme Court.
  5. 5. Brandon R. TaylorBrandon’s practice focuses primarily on medicalnegligence, wrongful death and personal injurylitigation. A mainstay of Brandon’seducation, experience and career has been aconcentration on Litigation. While in lawschool, Brandon clerked with the United StatesAttorney’s Office, helping to bring civil lawsuitsagainst individuals and businesses defrauding thegovernment. Since law school, Brandon hashandled hundreds of personal injury cases andworks closely with Jim Webb in the areas ofmedical and professional negligence and personalinjury.Prior to law school, Brandon represented over 150Georgia cities and counties negotiatingtelecommunications and cable franchiseagreements and advising municipalities andcounties on rights-of-way management and policy.
  6. 6. Karen C. GaineyKaren C. Gainey began practicing law in Decatur, Georgia after graduating fromthe University of Georgia law school in 1988. Although her practice has beenquite varied, her main practice areas have been estate planning, probate andgeneral estate matters including guardianship and real estate . During her 11 yearsin Decatur, Ms. Gainey represented several of the County Guardians and CountyAdministrators in Dekalb County. In that capacity, she was responsible forhandling all legal matters for the estates. Ms. Gainey also represented the DekalbCounty Board of Education in their defense of workers’ compensation claims. Shebegan practicing at Webb, Lindsey & Wade in 2000 and she has continued tospecialize in Estate matters. She is admitted to practice in all Georgia’s courtsincluding the Georgia Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court.
  7. 7. Dinah L. RaineyDinah served on active duty in the United States Army for more than 20 years.While in the military, she practiced law in several areas, including familylaw, estate planning, employment and labor law, landlord/tenant law, consumerlaw, military law, and criminal law. She also served as a senior militaryprosecutor and as a Special Assistant United States Attorney with theDepartment of Justice. She has prosecuted felony criminal cases in militaryand civilian criminal courts. Since retiring from the military in 2006, Dinahhas exclusively practiced in the area of family and domestic relations law.
  8. 8. Richard P. LindseyRichard P. Lindsey graduated with honors from the University of GeorgiaSchool of Law in 1985 and was on the editorial board of the Georgia LawReview. He is a former law clerk for the Hon. William M. Acker, Jr., UnitedStates District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. He is licensed topractice in all courts in Georgia, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, andthe United States Supreme Court. Mr. Lindsey practices primarily in theareas of Adoptions, Business Litigation and Transactions, Government &Municipal, and Wills, Estate Planning & Probate.
  9. 9. Janet PermarAfter completing nursingschool, Ms. Permar worked atPiedmont Hospital until herhusband graduated fromGeorgia Tech. She has workedin a variety of practice areas.After moving back to theAtlanta area in 1978, she wason the staff of a 200 bed longterm care facility, eventuallybecoming the Director ofNursing. She joined the firm ofWebb, Wade & Taylor, LLC in1992, after working foranother attorney in the Atlantaarea. She has been with thefirm for over 16 years.
  10. 10. Jordan JewkesUpon graduating from lawschool, Jordan moved tosoutheastern Florida where hepracticed civil litigation with afocus on realestate, contracts, consumerprotection, and small businesslitigation. In 2009, he movedback to the Atlanta area wherehe routinely defended severalof the nations’ largest insurancecompanies in cases rangingfrom workers’ compensation topersonal injury. Jordan wasprivileged to join Webb, Wade& Taylor in 2011, bringing withhim the invaluable perspectiveof a former defense attorney.
  11. 11. Practice AreasOur knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury attorneys are prepared tohelp our clients handle a variety of negligence claims, including:• Car Accidents• Truck Accidents• Slip & Fall• Medical Malpractice• Wrongful Death• Product Liability• Premises Liability• Railroad Accidents• Construction Accidents• Traumatic Brain Injuries• Other Areas
  12. 12. We Would Like to Hear From YouAt Webb, Wade & Taylor, LLC, our Atlanta personal injury lawyershave decades of experience fighting for the rights of our clients. Webelieve that no one should have to suffer unduly because of someoneelse’s carelessness, and we are dedicated to fighting for that belief. Ifyou or someone you love has suffered an injury and someone else is toblame, we may be able to help get you the financial compensation thatyou deserveCall our offices today at 770-631-1811 or visit our sitehttp://www.webb-firm.com/ for further information