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  1. 1. Inspiring CollegeStudents To Vision Board Nikil Viswanathan
  2. 2. Vision Board? Focus on long term goals College students
  3. 3. Insight #1Use concrete success examples
  4. 4. Experiment 5 students Think about life goals Create vision boards Share
  5. 5. Insight #2Students LOVE creating Vision Boards “Happy” “Fun” “Feel good”
  6. 6. Insight #3Students RARELY see their desktop background
  7. 7. Biggest Insight It Works!
  8. 8. Huge Thanks To BJ Fogg – Mentorship and Advice Chris, David, Jason, Aditya and everyone else who participated in my experiments
  9. 9. Thank You!!I hope you make your vision board and live your dreams! Nikil Viswanathan
  10. 10. Insights Use concrete success examplesStudents enjoy thinking about their future Desktop background not seen often (contrary to popular belief)