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Making Walking a Habit


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Published in: Technology
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Making Walking a Habit

  1. 1. Making Walking a Habit Nikil Viswanathan 12/4/2012
  2. 2. Sally Sally is an engineer at Dropbox and graduated from college 4 years ago. She loves her job and works crazy hours. She has noticed that she has gained weight from the constant supply of good food and has thought aboutexercising but thinks that she is just too busy right now to do that.
  3. 3. Sally’s JourneySally checks out hackwalkrepeat.comSally plays around with the terminal on the siteSally thinks it is really cool and shows her friend KatherineSally and Katherine both find out their walking typesSally and Katherine both try both walking types for a daytogetherSally and Katherine tell some other people in Dropbox of theirnew adventure and how fun it was!Everyone in the Dropbox office uses the walking wizard andthey all decide to walk at least once a day (5 days a week)!
  4. 4. Find your walking style!