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If money making is a sin, welcome to hell!


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The new digital sales philosophy for startups and salespreneurs

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If money making is a sin, welcome to hell!

  1. 1. Terminating Concepts of: getting rich successful life responsibility
  2. 2. Great wish: The way to get there is challenging!
  3. 3. Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?
  4. 4. To believe in your business is: You are the first one to jump!
  5. 5. Bottleneck is you- need the Knowledge of the team!
  6. 6. You will work Harder than you’ve ever Worked in Your Life!
  7. 7. Your Business is a verb: Doing!
  8. 8. Nobody cares about Your Business!
  9. 9. You need customers & a profitable business model!
  10. 10. Think & get commercial Insight of the Buyer!
  11. 11. Starting balanced is Bullshit, Get up & move on!
  12. 12. Powerful Relationships are not found, they are created!
  13. 13. Change the perspective, overview of where you are going!
  14. 14. Learning from the BEST It’s always what you do, that determines the outcome!
  15. 15. Often you are alone. Get over it: Focus on your Goal!
  16. 16. Startup’s enemy # 1: Your Fear to fail!
  17. 17. Be different, but for a real Customer’s purpose!
  18. 18. Entrepreneurs - Salespreneurs Multiply yourself: Salespeople should be like you!
  19. 19. Salespeople are Risk-takers, why they have Commission!
  20. 20. Prepare, train Salespeople constantly, be READY!
  21. 21. Persistently riding the Wave: Sell, Sell, Sell!
  22. 22. Sales needs Porsche Quality Prospecting, Presentation, Closing, Referrals!
  23. 23. What Winners do differently Collaborate, Convince, Connect!
  24. 24. Get your Starter Kit for Free: Value 10K!