From paper blogs to the world la cue presntation


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From paper blogs to the world la cue presntation

  1. 1. From Paper Blogs to the World Paula L. Naugle Erica Shepherd LaCUE Presentation November 2011
  2. 2. To Blog or Not to Blog?
  3. 3. Why Blog? ●21st century skill ●Write for an authentic audience ●Global connections ●Improve writing skills ●Cover the 4C’s – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication
  4. 4. Type of Blog ●Classroom blog ●Group blog ●Individual blog
  5. 5. Classroom Blog ●Teacher can write posts ●Students can add comments ●Students can be guest bloggers ●Keep others informed of classroom news ●Try for a weekly post
  6. 6. Group Blog ●Set up a blog based on literature circles ●Set up a blog based on a research project ●Set up a blog based on a common theme ●Set up a blog based on common interest ●Set up a blog based on a common passion
  7. 7. Individual Blog ●Ownership of all content ●Online eportfolio of work ●Evidence of growth ●Show in-depth knowledge of a topic ●Celebrate individual milestones ●Pride
  8. 8. Blogging Platforms ●Class Blogmeister – few bells and whistles, teacher control of posts and comments ●21Classes - limited to ten 1Mb student accounts for free; one central teacher blog that the student blogs are connected to ●Weebly – create 40 student accounts for free with no student emails required ●Edublogs – Wordpress; lots of features; not all features are free ● – Free; no email required; full teacher control; blogs are private by default; simplified Wordpress
  9. 9. Getting Started ●Inform parents of your intention ●Have signed AUP from all students ●Choose your platform and create accounts ●Set up blogging guidelines and expectations ●Design a blogging rubric, if you will grade
  10. 10. Paper Blogging ●Gather some great writing paper ●Visit some other blogs for inspiration ●Begin with a paper blog
  11. 11. Learn How to Comment ●Watch a video on quality commenting ●Remember to compliment the writer, add more information, connect with the writer, ask questions to extend the conversation, and make sure you proofread your comments. ●More words less exclamation marks
  12. 12. Comment on Paper Blogs Use Post-it notes to add quality comments to the paper blogs
  13. 13. Blog Commenting Party ●To get more parent involvement ●Host a party ●Have your students teach their parents how to comment on their blogs ●Example flyer
  14. 14. Going Global ●Need a really good reason to be on Twitter – well here it is – tweet about your students’ blogs using the hashtag #comments4kids ●Read about my first experience with this ●Last year we received over 1,900 comments from around the world
  15. 15. #comments4kids
  16. 16. Additional Resources Visit our Google site Blogging with Elementary Students
  17. 17. Contact Information Paula Naugle Email: Twitter: @plnaugle Erica Shepherd Email: Twitter: @eshepherd
  18. 18. Credits ●To Blog or Not to Blog? ●Paper Blogging ●Post-it Comments