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Big bazaar

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS Overview- Product assortment- Market segmentation- Differential advantage- HR policies- Marketing strategies- Visual merchandising- Competition- Future-
  2. 2. OVERVIEW It is a unit of Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd(future group) caters to the Great Indian Middle Class a hypermarket format 50,000 sqft of space tag-line “Is se sasta aur achcha kahin nahin” More than 208 store in 80 cities
  3. 3. OVERVIEW product category  Food Bazaar  Depot- books  M-bazaar  Electronic Bazaar  Furniture Bazaar  Footwear Bazaar
  4. 4. OVERVIEW Big Bazaar offers the maximum variety for each category of product Also, the quantity for each product is not limited to large packs only local brands of popular commodities, like diapers, sugar, wheat flour garments etc, are very popular in Big Bazaar stores
  5. 5. 1.Product Mix HOME & APPARELS FOOD FARM PRODUCT CHILL STATION PERSONAL CARE•Denims & T-Shirts •Staples •Fruits •Soft Drinks •Shampoos •Fabric & Cut piece •Ready to eat •Vegetables •Packaged Juices •Detergents •Formal Wear •Ready to cook •Imported Fruits •Milk Items •Soaps •Casual Wear •International Food •Dairy Products •Frozen Foods •Liquid wash •Party Wear •Spices •Ice Creams •Creams •Ethnic Wear •Imported Bazaar •Deodorants •Accessories •Tea & Coffee •Home cleaners •Under Garments •Utensils •Night Wear •Plastics •Dress Materials •Crockery •Sarees •Sundries 7
  6. 6. Product Mix Cont.. ELECTRONICS FASHION & FURNITURE CHILD CARE & OTHER SERVICES BAZAAR JEWELLERY BAZAAR TOYS• Television sets •Footwear Bazaar •Living Room •Kids Wear •Mr. right• Washing Machines •Beauty Care •Bed Room •Toy Bazaar •Bakery• Refrigerator •Navara •Kitchen •Stationary •Loot Mart• Personal Care •Star Parivar •Dinning Rooms •Child Care •Tulsi• mBazaar •Meena Bindre •Kids Room •Future Money •Been Bags •Future Generally• Microwaves •Paintings• Small Appliances •Decorative Items• Laptops• Computer Accessories• Kitchen Appliances 8
  7. 7. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AT BIGBAZAAR Recruits – consultancy services, walk-ins, employee referrals, campus recruitment Trains and develops – „‟ Gurukul‟‟ Employees retained - attractive pay packages with annual bonus & incentives, employee discount cards, medical treatment in recognized hospitals , friendly & cohesive culture. Regular and periodic performance appraisal with reward system.
  8. 8. MARKETING STRATEGY Minimize Retailing Cost Operating Fewer Staff on the floor one person for every 500sq ft. Furniture cost-Rs. 800 sq ft unlike the Rs. 1600 sqft.( Life style, Shoppersstop) Giving discount offers, working women by monthly saving bazaar and home makers by providing a wide range of food, non food, fruits and vegetable.
  9. 9. MARKET SEGMENTATION OF BIG BAZAAR Target Market Segment:  Price conscious  It targets lower , middle and higher class customers.  The youth and newly married growing population is preferred customer segment  Specially targets working women and home makers who are primary decision takers
  10. 10. MARKET SEGMENTATION OF BIG BAZAAR Handling current economic situation: - Whatever be the economic situation big bazaar know to sustain in the market with its every day low pricing strategy Strategies to handle recession period:  Sabse saste teen din  Hafte ka Sabse sasta din  The great exchange offer  EDLP
  11. 11. MARKET SEGMENTATION OF BIG BAZAAR Market Penetration Strategy use:  Low pricing  Promotion strategy: Wednesday Bazaar Scheme and festive season shopping Market Development:  Having huge amount of opportunity to discover most of the part of India. Product Development:  Prime location  Play music according to the region  Keep locus on where the working people live and keep walking
  12. 12. VISUAL MERCHANDISINGVisual merchandising supports a sales, retail strategies,communicates with customers, Communicates image andSupports retailing trends.A. Interior merchandisingB. Exterior merchandising
  13. 13. COMPETITORS Bharti WalMart D-Mart Star Bazaar Hyper City Vishal Megamart Reliance Trends
  14. 14. DIFFERENTIAL ADVANTAGE Cheap Prices EDLP (Everyday Low Pricing) Promotional Pricing Big Bazaar’s `The Great Exchange Offer’ Early Movers Advantage
  15. 15. FUTURE
  16. 16. FUTURE Big Bazaar is planning to have 350 hypermarkets in the country by 2011-12. To increase its annual turnover to Rs14,000 crore by 2011-12. The company would be looking at smaller cities for the expansion. The company is aiming for an increase in the numbers footfall up to 14 crore next year. The company is also launching a special festive season ‘One in a Lifetime​´ offer across all its stores on 1 to 5 October.
  17. 17. THANK YOU