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  • 1) June 2006--Google launches first non-email cloud product\n2) July 2006--Twitter launched\n3) August 2006--Amazon EC2 cloud product released in private beta\n4) September 2006--Facebook opened to the public\n5) June 2007--iPhone released in US\n6) June 2007--iPhone released in US\n7) July 2008--Apple launches the App Store\n8) April 2010--iPad released in US\n9) June 2011--Google+ launched-more than 25 million users in 4 weeks\n\n
  • --30 million ipads sold \n\n--radio--38 yrs to reach 50 mil; tv 13 yrs to reach 50 mil, facebook 3.5 years to reach 50 mil, \n
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  • Tennis: Latest and greatest equipment won’t help if you suck. Law: Tech won’t help if you don’t have basic skills\n
  • Tennis: Know your opponent. Play their weaknesses. Outsmart them. Law: Know your competitors--what are they doing? Know opposing counsel--do your research. Use online tools. \n
  • Tennis: Try to play using your strengths. Keep your weaknesses hidden. Law: Whether gaps in knowledge, temperament, not tech savvy--know what you need to improve. Be self aware.\n
  • Kidding! Tennis: Be a good sport. Call it in if you’re not sure. If not it’ll come back to haunt you. Law: Be aware of ethics--err on side of caution w/ tech, online presence, or case strategy. Pushing the envelope on ethics will only come back to haunt you.\n
  • Tennis: Most of the time play high percentage shots. And go for the winners when you’re in the perfect position. Play effectively. Tennis: Use tech wisely. Play it safe with tech and ethics. \n
  • Tennis: You can’t hit the ball if you don’t see it. That’s the point of the game, after all. Law: Stay on top of ethical guidelines and changes in law. Exercise due diligence w/ new tech, online interaction, and new ways of practicing law.\n
  • Tennis: Footwork is everything. If you’re out of position, you’ll have to play defensively, not offensively. \n\nLaw: Position yourself wisely. Adapt to change and incorporate wisely into your practice.\n
  • Tennis: forehand, spin, more emphasis on ground strokes. Law: Massive tech change, unbundling, outsourcing, online tools.\n
  • Technology is catching up to us and making the practice of law easier--Xerox eDiscovery prototype--large touch screen table.\n
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  • “Within the lifetime of most readers of this book, our social and economic lives are likely to be radically overhauled as a result of the rapid emergence of a clutch of information and Internet-related technologies of unimaginable power.”\n
  • “All aspects of the raw technology with which lawyers are familiar will improve radically in a small number of years and thereafter, at an accelerating rate. Yet further advances can be expected: from the resolution of screen displays to the portability of equipment; from the speed of machines to storage capacity; from the availability of wireless connections to the bandwidth of these links.” \n
  • “My message to lawyers in this context is simple—far from approaching the finishing line, the race has barely begun.”\n
  • Point1 law

    1. 1. What does tennis have to do with serving clients better?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    2. 2. My how times have changedWednesday, March 21, 12
    3. 3. Change happensWednesday, March 21, 12
    4. 4. But tennis is just the startWednesday, March 21, 12
    5. 5. Remember these?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    6. 6. June 2006--Google launches first non-email cloud product July 2006--Twitter launched August 2006--Amazon EC2 cloud product released in private beta September 2006--Facebook opened to the public June 2007--iPhone released in US November 2007--Kindle released in US July 2008--Apple launches the App Store April 2010--iPad released in US June 2011--Google+ launched-more than 25 million users in 4 weeksWednesday, March 21, 12
    7. 7. So what can lawyers learn from tennis?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    8. 8. Lesson 1: Master the basicsWednesday, March 21, 12
    9. 9. Lesson 2: Know your opponentsWednesday, March 21, 12
    10. 10. Lesson 3: Know your weaknessesWednesday, March 21, 12
    11. 11. Lesson 4: When in doubt call it outWednesday, March 21, 12
    12. 12. Lesson 5: Percentage shotsWednesday, March 21, 12
    13. 13. Lesson 6: Keep your eye on the ballWednesday, March 21, 12
    14. 14. Lesson 7: It’s all about footworkWednesday, March 21, 12
    15. 15. Lesson 8: Adapt to changes in the gameWednesday, March 21, 12
    16. 16. Lawyers cannot afford to be left out of the loopWednesday, March 21, 12
    17. 17. 3 major technology trends: • Social Media • Cloud Computing • Mobile ComputingWednesday, March 21, 12
    18. 18. Is it the beginning of an evolution?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    19. 19. Or, the beginning of a revol ution ?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    20. 20. Or even, the beginning of a new era?Wednesday, March 21, 12