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Towards and Anti-Oppression Museum Manifesto


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An Ignite talk at MCN 2015 in Minneapolis about museums and oppression. An Ignite talk is a 5 minute presentation with 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. See full text from the talk here:

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Towards and Anti-Oppression Museum Manifesto

  1. 1. TOWARDS AN ANTI-OPPRESSION MUSEUM MANIFESTO nikhil trivedi Senior SystemsAnalyst,Art Institute of Chicago @nikhiltri |
  2. 2. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 This is your first slide. (Notice the little 15-second timer at the bottom. You don’t have to keep it there if you don’t want to.)
  3. 3. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 This is your second slide. (And so on.)
  4. 4. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobyKellyHayes,,@bullhorngirl
  5. 5. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobyTimothyBradford
  6. 6. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “There are so many kids in this country who… think to themselves, well, that’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me.” Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States ofAmerica
  7. 7. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “I observe how youth of color are treated in the space, because it affects whether or not I view it as welcoming of part of my community.” Shonettia Monique, Healing JusticeActivist
  8. 8. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobyM.Belickis,
  9. 9. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 AORTACollective's IcebergofOppression
  10. 10. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “There is no such thing as a single- issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” Audre Lorde
  11. 11. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobySarah-Ji,
  12. 12. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 Tanuja Jagernauth, Prison Abolitionist,Artist, Healing Justice Organizer “I love museums that respectfully hold a space for me to see aspects of myself, my history, my people without feeling like a museum piece, myself.”
  13. 13. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “There’s more value in how we wonder about things than what we know about them.” Jim McDonald, Herbalist
  14. 14. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobySarah-Ji,
  15. 15. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “We are only here tonight because some time ago, someone collected something.” Tim Svenonius, IgniteMCN 2013
  16. 16. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “It is difficult to be in some museum exhibits and not connect their ‘artifacts’ to colonialism, genocide, rape, and murder.” Ni’Ja Whitson, Queer InterdisciplinaryArtist,Activist
  17. 17. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobySarah-Ji,
  18. 18. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobySarah-Ji,
  19. 19. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 “Reflection +Action = Change” Paulo Freire
  20. 20. #igniteMCN #MCN2015 PhotobySarah-Ji,
  21. 21. THANKS! nikhil trivedi Senior SystemsAnalyst,Art Institute of Chicago @nikhiltri |