Useful Google Hacks And Google Search Tricks


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Here are some useful Google search tricks / hacks that helps to save time in searching. Some of these search engine hacks are useful SEO tools.

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Useful Google Hacks And Google Search Tricks

  1. 1. SEO TrivandrumUseful Google Hacks And Google Search TricksA query or keyword is anything that a user types in the search engine to find theinformation he needs. With developments in SEO, the search engines provided uswith some useful search commands / hacks that help to save time in searching.Some of these search engine hacks are useful SEO tools.Anyone can search like a “googler” with the following useful Google hacks. • quotes • cache • site • inurl • intitle • related • + • - • *QuotesWhen the search term (word or phrase) is put in quotes the search engine returnsthe results which contain the exact term.cache:This is the copy of your website in Google. When you search it will return a page like this.
  2. 2. SEO TrivandrumThe indication at the top helps to know the last time Googlebot visited yourwebsite. The text-only version at the top helps to find out how the search enginesees your website. This is helpful to find out if there is any hidden text or hiddenlinks in the search query is limited to a website. It returns all the urls in the website. Theresult for is shown.
  3. 3. SEO TrivandrumThis search query helps to know how many pages of your website is indexed inGoogle.inurl:This searches your query in the URL.inurl:“SEO India” will give results which contain exactly SEO India in the URL.
  4. 4. SEO Trivandrumintitle:The search result will contain your query in the title.intitle:“SEO India” will give result with pages containing SEO India in the title.The inurl and intitle can be used with site: command.For example intitle: “keyword” will help to know whether
  5. 5. SEO Trivandrumthere are multiple pages in your website with the same keyword as title. Then thesepages will compete each other for the same keyword. So correction is required forthe will give sites similar to seomozThis is useful to find out similar websites.Plus +Will tell Google to search for exact term. +NYC will give importance to NYC andnot New York City. This helps to avoid synonyms in search results.Minus -Royal -challengers -Bangalore will return results without challengers andBangalore. This helps in filtering keywords in your key phrase.*Wildcard operatorIt helps in replacing several * Google can be used for searching how to use Google.If you know any other Google search tricks please comment.Related Links:SEO TrivandrumUseful Google Hacks and Search Tricks