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A presentation by students of final year IT

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25,28,56 ppt

  1. 1. Nidhi Mehta (080110116025)Kruti Mistry (080110116028)Nikita Trivedi (080110116056)
  2. 2. Non-contributors and Contributors define themselves differently: Non-contributors : what they have acquired in life This is a static identity, based on the past glories or past failures. Contributors : what they will become or accomplish This is a dynamic identity based on the “being” and “becoming”. Such an identity lets you choose to live a better future.
  3. 3.  Contributors :• Focus on personal relationships, values, opinions and interactions.• Actively strive to connect with others, create harmony and cooperate.• Want to make sure that everyone is happy and involved.• Are interested in organizing and coordinating events, processes and activities.• Naturally appreciate others and want to be appreciated themselves for their uniqueness and their effort.
  4. 4.  Contributors have a deeper and wider definition of success than Non- contributors. Non-contributors - material success, achievement, external impact, etc. Contributors- include personal fulfillment, development of self-esteem, ongoing development of personal capabilities, etc.
  5. 5. There are two types of Contributors :-1) Practical Contributors: Focused on the here and now See and evaluate situations accurately Provide for the immediate needs of others Approach- “Many hands make light work.” 12.3% of the population.
  6. 6. 2) Insightful Contributors: Balance and enhance their Contributor focus by imagining possibilities for others. See potential for growth and development Act as mentors. Approach- “Two heads are better than one.” 2.5% of the population are of this kind.
  7. 7.  Contributors ‘make things happen’ plus the ‘right way’ : Contributors have both human values as well as functional effectiveness – They get the job done, but also do it the „right way‟. What human values do contributors demonstrate ?• Trust• Thinking• Concern for others
  8. 8.  A contributor defines himself in terms of „what he does‟. So much of life goes in trying to handle the „what I do‟ dimension, that very little time is spent in the „who am I‟ dimension of existence.
  9. 9.  In any work, the contributor personality seeks to combine-Effectiveness : Performing work activities well. Achieving the goal.Human values: Being ethical. Demonstrating human concern.
  10. 10. Some Contributor personalities:-Dr. Kiran Bedi Chanakya
  11. 11.  Blame game: The laziest trait of all is never holding yourself responsible for your actions or the bad luck that happens to you. Non- contributor people will always point the blame elsewhere.
  12. 12.  Unethical : Cheating, lying, stealing All unethical practices, all ways to get out of making an effort are traits of non contributor. Missing in action: Unpunctual, slow, tardy Lazy, lie a lot, and always have excuses for not coming on time.
  13. 13. Some non- contributor personalities: Ayatollah KhomeiniAdolf Hitler