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15 writing skills


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A presentation on Writing Skills prepared by Nikhil Joshi

Published in: Business, Education
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15 writing skills

  1. 1. Writing Skills -- n IKHIL j OSHI [email_address] [email_address]
  2. 2. Letter Writing - Sales Letter - Complaint Letter - Adjustment Letter - Order Letter - Collection Letter - Enquiry Letter - Persuading & Denial Letters - Quotation Letters - Interview Letter - Reference Letter
  3. 3. Business Letters Significance: -assist in sustaining business relationship -to convey complex information -serve as permanent record -to reach a large and geographically diverse audience
  4. 4. Business Letters Purposes -to inform -to congratulate -to enquire -to order -to request to collect dues -to complain -to make an adjustment -to sale a product, service or scheme
  5. 5. Business Letters Structure -Heading -Date -Inside address -Salutation -Message -Complementary close -signature block
  6. 6. Business Letters Structure Additional Elements -Addressee notation -Attention line -Subject line -Reference initial -Enclosure notation -Copy notation -Mailing notation -Postscript
  7. 7. Business Letters Layout -Block layout (everything left sided) -Modified block layout (Writer’s address & signature block on right side, rest on left) -Semi-block layout (Writer’s address & signature block on right side, rest on left and message having more margin on left) -Simplified layout (omits salutation and complementary close & subject line in capital)
  8. 8. Business Letters Principles - ‘You’ attitude - Clear & concise -Correct & complete - Emphasize positive -Courteous & considerate -Attention-Interest-Desire-Action
  9. 9. Official Correspondence - Circulars - Memos - Proposals - Reports - Notices - Minutes - Acknowledgement
  10. 10. Technical Writing - Technical proposals - Technical descriptions
  11. 11. Research Writing - Research proposal - Research paper -Dissertation -Thesis - Referencing - Bibliography
  12. 12. Job Application - Application letter - Resume - Curriculum Vitae - Bio data & E-mail
  13. 13. T h a n k y o u … -- n IKHIL j OSHI [email_address] [email_address] Steps of efforts lead towards the door of success followed by a huge smile on your face.