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Pitch for legalization of Cannabis

Pitch for legalization of Cannabis in India

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Pitch for legalization of Cannabis

  1. 1. “I believe that cannabis should be legal, it should be treated much the same as alcohol: it should be regulated, taxed, and should bear clear warnings. I don't believe people should be allowed to drive their car, or operate a crane, or fly an airplane while on it. I don't think children should be allowed to buy them.” Legalise Cannabis* in India Illegal under the NDPS ACT, 1985 & PIT NDPS ACT, 1988 Legalized recreational use of marijuana - was the norm in India until 1985. Even now, Government sanctioned shops can legally sell bhang during observance of certain Hindu festivals. Further, this law is rarely enforced and treated has a low priority across India. Besides, large tracts of cannabis grow unchecked in the wild *Production & consumption
  2. 2. Secondary Research •Cannabis has been consumed for centuries in the Indian subcontinent, and is still consumed during certain holidays in the open •Cannabis is not addictive. In fact, it is shown to be less harmful than tobacco if consumed in reasonable quantities* •We already know that in moderation, it is less harmful than cigarettes. The active compound, THC, is less toxic than tobacco •You cannot OD on cannabis. According to a particular study, you'd have to smoke 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to overdose** • Smoking cannabis doesn’t damage your liver. Alcohol, a legal substance, does.*** •Studies show only 1/10 people who try cannabis become dependant on it.*** •Legalized in Washington and Colorado recently and no ill effects have been seen**** A small list of people who have made it big in their field in spite of being cannabis users, some considerably more than others. Michael Phelps, Olympic gold medalist Snoop Dogg, Rap-artist and AMA winner Kevin Smith, Acclaimed Hollywood director Lee Child, Renowned writer, 58 years old  Liberty and consumer benefit  Drug Laws Don't Work  The Drug War is Obscenely Expensive  There Would Be Less Organized and Violent Crime  Treatment and Education Would Be Easier Reasons Places where cannabis is legal * **Scoopwhoop *** ****