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VPI process at Cummins


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This presentation is an attemt to understand the SOP,VPI process at Cummins

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VPI process at Cummins

  2. 2. Agenda ■ About Cummins Inc ■ Standard Operating Procedure ■ VPI Procedure
  4. 4. $19.2 billion Skill set 100% Total success! 34 Countries 132,000 That’s a lot of money
  5. 5. Our Office
  6. 6. Products
  7. 7. Where all our Products Used? Heavy-Duty Trucks Medium Duty Trucks & Buses Construction and Agriculture Light Duty Automotive &RV Mining,Marine,Oil and Gas,Government Stationary Power
  9. 9. What?  Documented instructions for a recurring process or an activity in an organisation  SOPs address a)Process identification b)Controls and checks c)Potentially Hazardous Situation d)Waste Management
  10. 10. Importance of a Good SOP ■Saves time and helps in avoiding Mistakes ■Reducing Training costs ■Ensures consistent results ■Empower the Workforce ■Support Quality goals
  12. 12. Overview ■Two Technologies used in Developing a product a)Product Preceding Technology(PPT):validate new technology b)Value Package Information(VPI):validate technology and incorporate into finished product ■Both processes exit independently, but overlap to some extent ■Both uses system of gates that define various stages of development process
  13. 13. What is VPI?  A set procedure for Designing,Developing and Introducing a new product  Core part of the Cummins Operating System(COS)  Guides the customer with the product’s usage  Thus fulfilling the vision of the company  Ties together many processes and functional areas to ensure smoothe product introduction “Unleashing the Power of Cummins by making People’s lives better”
  14. 14. Why VPI is important?  Customer Satisfaction  Remain Competitive in the market  Robust Design  Provide quality parts and services to the end customers
  15. 15. Want big impact? Use big image. Cummins Product Preceding TechnologyAudio
  16. 16. Want big impact? Use big image. Cummins VPI:OverviewAudio
  17. 17. Our process is easy Technical Profile PFMEA Appliaction Guide DFMEA CPM Inthis stage ,the clients’ demands are converted into technical specifications and based on this the design prototype is worked upon Based on the Hardware,Software and System Technical Profile,a document which helps the customer with the installation and functioning of the product is created Design-Fault Mode Effective Analysis capture the various modes of faults possible in design and the steps the engineers can cross check and accordingly implement corrective actions Critical Parameter Method ranks all the critical inputs to the design Product FMEA is similar to DFMEA. Its to the product as a whole .It also includes the Potentially Hazardous Situations Analysis
  18. 18. Identifying and Resolving Part Failures  In case of failure,the parts need to be transported to point of failure to component Engineers for Diagnosis  However,there had been instances of delay in this process means delay in rectification and delay in subsequent engine testing  The company then with Six Sigma came out with the solution and launched a VPI project and standardised the transportation issues  The process helped in reducing time from 137 days to 22 days Applications Product Safety • Corporate Product Safety Council has been set up to address product related safety issues that have a company wide impact and to make appropriate policy reccommendations • The Council exists for each Business unit and has safety champions(Representatives) from different entities like HSE,Manufacturing,Marketing,Service ,Quality,Purchase
  19. 19. Improvements made to the process ■VPI deliverables are all well documented ■However ambiguity on inputs required to draft these documents on some projects ■|Six Sigma Project(DMAIC) was taken up within the organisation to clearly mention: a)the stakeholders of the project b)sources from which inputs to completion of the VPI deliverables can be obtained c)RACI document (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)
  20. 20. Contd.. ■The DFMEA procedure was more explicitly defined. Clearly mentioning the failures modes in Hardware, Software and System ■Feedback and Diagnostic tests are also included *The new VPI procedure was incorporated on all the new projects taken up in the first quarter of 2015.Whereas the old projects are slowly transiting to new process from the old one.
  21. 21. Conclusion ■Important to reduce instances of failure ■Reduce cycle time and cost ■Continuous process improvement ■Meet all the project deliverables on time ■Maintain the industrial standards, helps in quality check
  22. 22. ThankYou