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Airtel ppt reference for mba students..

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Airtel ppt new

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONAirtel was Established in 1985, Bharti (Airtel) has been apioneering force in the Telecom Sector.Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited,India’s largestintegrated and the first private telecom services provider witha footprint in all the 23 telecom circles.The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured intofour individual strategic business units (SBU’s)- MobileServices, Airtel Telemedia Services, Enterprise Services&Digital TV Services.
  3. 3. Bharti Airtel is one of Indias leading privatesector providers of telecommunications servicesbased on an aggregate of 66,689,943 customers.Approx 64,370,434 GSM mobile subscribers.Approx 2,319,509 Bharti Telemedia subscribers. Bharti has recently entered into retail business asBharti Retail Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. FACT SHEETName : Bharti Airtel Limited Business Description : Provides mobile, telemediaservices (fixed line) and enterprise services (carriers&services to corporates)Established : July 07, 1995, as a Public LimitedCompanyListings : The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE),The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).
  5. 5. Operational Network : Provides GSM mobileservices in all the 23 telecom circles in India,and was the first private operator to have an allIndia presence.Provides telemedia services (fixed line) in 94cities in India.
  7. 7. HIGHLIGHTSBharti Airtel and MERCEDES AMG PETRONASannounce Race Partnership for 2012 Formula Oneairtel Indian Grand PrixBharti Airtel launches Cloud Enablement Platformpowered by HPBharti Airtel bags Adam Smith Award 2012 forHighly Commended “Best in Class Benchmarking”
  8. 8. Airtel Rising Stars to bring alive youngIndias soccer dreamsAirtel brings the 4G revolution toBangalore
  9. 9. DIRECTOR PROFILESunil Bharti Mittal is the chairman andgroup managing director of Bharti Tele-Ventures.He is a graduate of PunjabUniversity and completed theowner/president management programat Harvard Business School in 1999.Sunil started his career at a young ageof 18 after graduating from PunjabUniversity in India and founded Bharti,with a modest capital, in the year1976. Today, at 54 he heads asuccessful enterprise, amongst the top 5in India, with a market capitalization ofover US$ 40 billion and employing over30,000 people.
  10. 10. KEY MILESTONEIn 1983, Mittal was in an agreement with Germanys Siemens tomanufacture push-button telephone models for the Indian market.In 1986, Mittal incorporated Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL), andhis company became the first in India to offer push-buttontelephones, establishing the basis of Bharti Enterprises.By the early 1990s, Sunil Mittal had also launched the countrysfirst fax machines and its first cordless telephones. In 1992, Mittal won a bid to build a cellular phone network inDelhi. In 1995, Mittal incorporated the cellular operations as BhartiTele-Ventures and launched service in Delhi.
  11. 11. In 1996, cellular service was extended to Himachal Pradesh. In 1999, Bharti Enterprises acquired control of JT Holdings, andextended cellular operations to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.In 2000, Bharti acquired control of Skycell Communications, inChennai.In 2001, the company acquired control of Spice Cell in Calcutta.Bharti Enterprises went publicIn 2002, and the company was listed on Bombay StockExchange and National Stock Exchange of India.In 2003, the cellular phone operations were rebranded under thesingle Airtel brand.
  12. 12. In 2004, Bharti acquired control of Hexacom andentered Rajasthan.In 2005, Bharti extended its network to Andaman andNicobar. This expansion allowed it to offer voice servicesall across India. In 2009, Airtel launched its first international mobilenetwork in Sri Lanka. In 2010, Airtel acquired the African operations of theKuwait based ZainTelecom.In March 2012,Airtel launched a mobile operation inRwanda.Today, Airtel is the largest cellular service provider in Indiaand the third largest in the world.
  13. 13. PARTNERSThe company has a strategic alliance withSingTel.The company’s mobile network equipmentpartners are Ericsson and Nokia.In the case of the broadband and telephoneservices and enterprise services(carriers),equipment suppliers include Siemens, Nortel,Corning, among others.
  14. 14. VISION & PROMISE-To be globally admired for telecom services thatdelight customers-bench marked by more business-first private telecommunication company to launchlong distance services.
  15. 15. MISSION Customer service focuscompany will meet the mobile communication needsof his customers through Error- free service deliveryInnovative products and servicesEmpowered employeesCost efficiencyUnified Messaging Solutions
  16. 16. DISTRIBUTION CompanyFranchisee Distributor Dealer DealerCustomer Customer
  17. 17. MARKETING ANALYSISMARKETING ANALYSIS In the mind of the consumer,Airtel Services should provide following features: Easy BillingStrong Market CoverageCredit LimitLong Distance Calling Facility Best Value Plan Widest Roaming – National & International Easy Payment Option- Anytime & Anywhere
  18. 18. SITUATIONAL ANALYSISSITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Some uncontrollable situationalfactors that are faced by the Airtel are as follows, Price : Although the Customer of Airtel is very high but when wetalk about the price, Airtel has to make a strong strategy forprice.Competition :Competition in market is very high. NewCompanies are entering in the market like Aircel , MTS etc. Theyare offering best service at competitive price . Geographical factors: Airtel service didn’t reach in all villagesyet. In Village , People are using BSNL service so Airtel has achance to grow in village on the basis of their best servicequality.
  19. 19. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITYcorporate Responsibility at Bharti AirtelTo be responsive to the needs of our customersTo trust and respect our employeesTo continuously improve our services innovatively andexpeditiouslyTo be transparent and sensitive in our dealings with allstakeholder
  20. 20. TARGET MARKET SEGMENTAirtel has targeted the premium and upper middle class.The rationale behind it is that only those segmentsshould be targeted who value time and have the payingcapacity. It Is also planning to target the businesstourists during their stay in the capital.
  21. 21. POSITIONINGThe product is sought to be positioned as a businessefficiency tool, a lifestyle revolution and a statussymbol. The emphasis is to remove misconceptionthat the cell phone is an expensive means ofcommunication and drive home the point that the cellphone is actually a day-to-day utility.
  22. 22. STRENGTHS• Very focused on telecom.• Leader in fast growing cellular segment.• Highly skilled workforce.• The only Indian operator, other than VSNL, that hasan international submarine cable
  23. 23. WEAKNESS• Price competition from BSNL and MTNL losinglead on technical expertise.•Too much dependence on domestic market
  24. 24. OPPORTUNITIES• Fast expanding Indian cellular market.• Latest and low cost technology• Huge market
  25. 25. THREATS• Competition from other cellular and mobileoperators• Saturation point in Basic telephony service
  26. 26. video