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Why is Digital important for traditional industries


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A revolution is underway or as Marc Andreessen says Software is eating the world. Multimillion dollar corporations in industries hitherto considered 'traditional' such as automotives, food, telecom and even Banking are being challenge by upstarts from the Digital world - are you ready to face the avalanche of Digital? Are you envisioning how future of your industry looks like with Digital? High time you do!

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Why is Digital important for traditional industries

  1. 1. Why is Digital important for traditional industries?
  2. 2.
  3. 3. A REVOLUTION is underway
  4. 4. Tesla
  5. 5. Ather
  6. 6. Intuit
  7. 7. Posist
  8. 8. Knowlarity
  9. 9. Zoho
  10. 10. Freshdesk
  11. 11. Image Source:
  12. 12. Bitcoin Source: Unocoin video
  13. 13. Un-Banking
  14. 14. Social Business
  15. 15. Cyber Security // Palantir
  16. 16. "I cared about arts and crafts," he says. "I cared about brochures and direct mail. I cared about the color on the website. And what's happened is the world had gone digital. It had gone social. It's gone mobile and we have to learn a completely new language of conversion rates and pay per click and search engine optimization and authoritative inbound links and it's a whole new world." Source: With an MBA from Wharton, a bunch of high profile marketing gigs on his resume, and a bit of gray hair to show he’s got experience, Brian Kardon is what people think of as a typical Chief Marketing Officer. He’s been there and done that. But he realized one day that everything he learned in school and from the early part of his career in the publishing business had become completely obsolete.
  17. 17. Are you ready?
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