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RebelMouse for Journalists NYU

  1. 1. Elevate Social Media Storytelling with RebelMouse Niketa Patel, Director of Content @Niketa, @RebelMouse
  2. 2. A Real Time, Turn Key Publishing Platform • • • • • • • Social Publishing Platform – add a social layer to your CMS Aggregate and curate social content and original content in a highly visual way Embed easily - no tech/design resources required. Ignite your social media team and editorial team. Mobile web friendly, Android & IOS apps just launched Permanent teaser modules that amplify your social presence Monetize better with Sponsored Content units
  3. 3. Behind The Scenes Background Founder, Paul Berry was CTO of HuffPost • Ran Product, Design and Engineering • Top 10 Trafficked Site in US World Class Team • Team is 30 developers strong • Core team in NYC coming from CNN, Klout, Pepsi, Vayner Media and HuffPost Investors & Board • Board members from Lerer Ventures, Softbank Capital & others • Investors include Jonah Peretti, Gary Vaynerchuck & more
  4. 4. About me • Niketa Patel • Director of Content, RebelMouse • • Oversees social storytelling & media partnerships Former ABC News social media editor & CNNMoney social product manager • • Twitter: @Niketa
  5. 5. Top Publishers & Editors Love RebelMouse!
  6. 6. Why Aggregate & Curate Social Content • News breaks on social first • Conversations on social are fragmented • User-generated content adds a layer of richness to news coverage • Tell a more-rounded story in a more visual, real-time way
  7. 7. Take Curation to the Next Level Curate Twitter handles, hashtags, handles, numerous social feeds, video & RSS Pre-moderate to drafts Add a post, link, photo, or create a blog post Use Post bookmarklet button Twitter Favorites: Send it to your front page or drafts Instagram Likes: A form of curation
  8. 8. Highlight & Let Your Best Content Shine
  9. 9. Use Cases: Solutions to Core Problems • Problem: Fragmented streams across • social o Engagement campaigns o Hashtag callouts / coverage, Twitter chats, events, meetups, UGC, questions for interviews, weather, movements, social hubs Problem: Limited technology slows workflow o Live blogging capabilities o Smart curation
  10. 10. Use Cases: Solutions to Core Problems • • • Problem: No easy way to showcase voices from own newsroom o Editor’s Picks o Easily channel what your newsroom is sharing in real time Problem: News organizations struggle to highlight talent o Dynamic Talent Pages o For on-air talent, columnists, personalities Problem: Stale front page layout/content o Homepage or section front alternatives o Teaser Modules o Social Footers
  11. 11. Increase Engagement, Recirculation & Track Performance “Los Angeles News Group Saw 10-30% Increase in PV’s due to RebelMouse” - Full post at “Time spent is TWICE site Avg [for RebelMouse page on his site]” -Markus Stolz (@elloinos) Analytics • Stats per Post & Page • Google Analytics Integration – powered sites only • XRS Tracking for shared content across RebelMouse and in embeds
  12. 12. Embed RebelMouse Anywhere Embed code nicely fits to adapt in any CMS Easily embed anywhere! Grab code in our embed tab. Wordpress Plugin to easily add to any blog or Wordpress site. Search in your plugins or find it at Embed on Tumblr Or power a full domain for any campaign. For instance, like Quartz:
  13. 13. Easily Customizable • Several layouts to select • Choose a custom theme • Easily adjust CSS so that embed matches your site’s look and feel
  14. 14. Boost Time on Site with Rebel Drivers • • • Easily create sidebar modules to showcase social content Editor’s Picks: Use Twitter lists & domain filters Generate code via Embed tab
  15. 15. Build an Audience with Rebel Alerts • Daily emails of your social activity • Encourage people to subscribe • Integrate MailChimp to manage subscription list, subject line, mailing time, content • Other email newsletter enhancements, vendor integration coming soon!
  16. 16. Monetization: Rebel Ads Traditional ad campaigns can take months to plan Rebel Ads are a significant change to traditional advertising online o Branded content as ads o Showcase sponsored content If you are on the business side or want to get info for them, reach out to:
  17. 17. Monetization: Rebel Ads Reach the right person at the right time and deliver a clear message o You are more likely to summit Mount Everest than click a banner ad (Source: Solve Media)
  18. 18. Summary • Sign your newsroom up o Have your fellow reporters & editors get their own RebelMouse sites • Use Twitter lists & hashtags to cover breaking news Move things around, freeze posts that you care about • o Check out the Design tab o Make the site your own
  19. 19. Want More from RebelMouse? • • • • Sign your newsroom up o Have your fellow reporters & editors get their own RebelMouse sites Use Twitter lists & hashtags to cover breaking news Move things around, freeze posts that you care about o Check out the Design tab o Make the site your own Integrate RebelMouse into your own site or blog. Options include: o Social subdomain (, or personal domain o Embed on the home page (can be in the right rail or footer also) o Social teasers modules
  20. 20. One More Thing … A glimpse at our roadmap Fully IOS Optimized App Coming soon Enhanced design options & more layouts API & plugins
  21. 21. Thank you! Questions? Contact: @RebelMouse