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ONA GEN13 Social Strategy Presentation


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ONA GEN13 Social Strategy Presentation

  1. 1. Social Strategy: #GettingItRightNiketa Patel, Director of Content@Niketa, @RebelMouse
  2. 2. State of Social Media• Social media has greatly evolved over the last few years.Users have become much more sophisticated.• It‟s one thing to the first in terms of breaking news, but it‟severything to be right!• Instagram launches video – 15 sec clips with 13 filters.Stats = 16b photos, 1b likes daily, 130m users• Hashtags arrive on Facebook. Hashtags truly are the globalcurrency of social media now.• Yumblr was born recently! Yahoo recently acquired Tumblrfor $1.1b• Vine says it has 13m users & just released an Android app.• Facebook has a billion+ users, 1 million advertisers worldwide now even though teens are getting bored of it.
  3. 3. Global Social Amplification Continues
  4. 4. Newsrooms Should Evolve Too!• Modern newsrooms should be social attheir core• No need for one lone social media editoranymore• Each newsroom should have a social mediateam• Social team should be focused on socialreporting, news gathering, training whichshould all centralized• Connect social, video and mobile teams
  5. 5. Social Consumption Driven By Mobile• Photos – Instagram, Snapchat• Video – Vine, Tout, SocialCam• Sound – Soundcloud, MySpace?• Data – Yelp, Waze, Apps
  6. 6. Curation Is The New Form of Publishing
  7. 7. Global Social Sentiment• In the UK, US, Russia, the CzechRepublic & Spain, about half of alladults now use Facebook & similarwebsites.• Social networking sites are alsopopular in lower-income nations,where, once people have accessto the internet, they tend to use itfor social networking.Source: Pew Research Center, Dec. 2012
  8. 8. Expressing Views on Social
  9. 9. Huge Appetite for Info, Tools, Crowdfunding
  10. 10. Social Growth + Disruptive Patterns• We‟ve had smartphones & tablets for awhile.• Scanables: QR Codes – Hit or miss in US butbig in Asia, 3D Printing/Tech• Wearables: Google Glass, Smart Watches• Drivables: Google Drive, means totransportation - Uber• Flyables: Drones• Robots are cool once again too!Terminology sourced from Mary Meeker‟s 2013 Internet Trends
  11. 11. Global Outlook for Social Media• Pinterest has 4377% growth rate in the US alone, thehighest in the world.• Sweden is the most connected country in the world.• There are 40 million blogs in Russia• Brazil has the 3rd highest number of Google+ users in theworld• By 2015, India will be Facebook‟s largest market• Japan is the only country where Twitter is more popularthan Facebook• International social networks like Orkut, Weibo, Qzoneare burgeoning in Asia and EuropeSource: International Guide to Social Media 2012 data, Convonix, Internet Marketing Firm:
  12. 12. Mobile Takes Flight• China recently surpassed USA for mobileusage• Weibo, Tencet WeChat surging in China• India‟s internet usage is driven by mobile,700m users & 200k new users dailySource: International Guide to Social Media 2012 data, Convonix, Internet Marketing Firm:
  13. 13. International Guide to Social Media
  14. 14. Wearable Tech Trends Emerging• Google Glass: Social and news appsalready in the market for Twitter, CNN,NYT & Tumblr• iWatch, Pebble, Bracelets
  15. 15. Budding Prospects for Social Monetization• Promoted Tweets & Trends• Promoted Posts• Sponsored Stories• Native Advertising/Sponsored Content“Social ad spending is predicted to reach $11billion by 2017”Source: Advisors at BIA/Kelsey
  16. 16. Sponsored Content Finally Catches On• Has a bad reputation, has been around for a whilebut is making a comeback• Users are far more likely to pay attention to nativeadvertising, as opposed to a banner ad• Goes beyond SEO to let Brands have a voice andbecome a publisher themselves• Washington Post just launched „Sponsored Views‟• NYT considering sponsored stories, already does thison mobile“You are more likely to summit Mount Everest thanclick a banner ad.”Source: Solve Media
  17. 17. In-stream Ads for Sponsored PostsBuzzFeed + Volkswagen
  18. 18. Sponsored Content Gone Bad?The Atlantic• Post was fromChurch ofScientology• Comments were used &went awry quickly• Then the commentswere post-moderated!
  19. 19. Sponsored TweetsGood example:SamsungOdd example:AP
  20. 20. Vine vs. Instagram VideoSmart move from Vine: Search for #InstagramVideo& let the games begin!
  21. 21. Introducing RebelAds• USA Networks Social Hub• Real time social & mobilead units• Can be edited on the fly• Sponsored by Samsung
  22. 22. Assignment!• Form a small group,introduce yourselves &discuss problems, q‟s• Brainstorm a funor viral way to tell astory or create asponsored ad campaign• Craft a GIF, Vine,promoted tweet, etc• Share with everyone!
  23. 23. Social Strategy: #gettingitrightDeck on Slideshare: Patel, Director of Content@Niketa, @RebelMouse