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Open Knowledge & PublicBodies Nepal


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Presentation slide which I used during the celebration of Open Data Day 2016 in Nepal, The slide also include the basic concept of PublicBodies Nepal project.

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Open Knowledge & PublicBodies Nepal

  1. 1. Open Knowledge | PublicBodies Nepal Nikesh Balami
  2. 2. Open Knowledge Nepal ● Open Knowledge Nepal is the working group of Open Knowledge International in Nepal founded in 2013. ● The group has been involved in research, advocacy, training, organizing meetups and hackathons, and developing tools related to Open Data, Open Access, Open Development and others. ● Open Knowledge Nepal is a non-profit open network of mostly young open knowledge enthusiasts.
  3. 3. PublicBodies Nepal ● PublicBodies Nepal is an open directory, which will bring together all the contact information and documents relating to public bodies and will provide a URL for every parts of governments. ● Tracking this information and documents of an diverse public bodies will help us to create an accountable environment. ● Government and Citizens to cut out duplication of activities and to discontinue activities which are no longer needed
  4. 4. Help to gather Data
  5. 5. Thank You!!