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Open Access Publishing: Developing Countries


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Learn what is Open Access and the situation of OA publishing in the developing countries like Nepal.

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Open Access Publishing: Developing Countries

  1. 1. Open Access Publishing : Developing Countries Member | OK Nepal Nikesh Balami
  2. 2. Open Access?? ● If a publication is 'Open Access' it means that it can be freely accessed by anyone in the world using an Internet Connection. ● It is important to point out that Open Access does not affect peer-review; Articles are peer-reviewed and published in Journals in the normal way.
  3. 3. Models of Publishing 1) Open Access Journals 2) 'Traditional s' Journals
  4. 4. Open Access Journals Freely and Permanently available online to anyone with Internet Connection
  5. 5. 'Traditional s' Journals ➢ Print / Electronic ➢ Subscription Based ➢ Login or IP authentication needed for Access
  6. 6. OK Now Let me Touch the Point
  7. 7. Our Universities, in particular, should be directing their research focus to address the Development and Social needs of our communities. The impact of their research should be measured by how much difference it makes to the need of our communities,rather than by just how much international citations researchers receive in their publications. Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training, South Africa, at the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education in 2010
  8. 8. In Nepal Context maybe We are Moving towards wrong way Although Open Access has the Potential to open up research publication for wider Development impact.
  9. 9. But by looking from Policymaker eyes: Yet this does not seem to be delivering the impact
  10. 10. Lots don't know where those Tiny Shares of Scientific Output goes
  11. 11. It has become “Tip of the Iceberg” - Formal Publishing And its 'output' dominates research publishing policy
  12. 12. International Journal companies Dominate
  13. 13. So Lets give some Extras Efforts So Lets take some Extras Steps To make OA Publishing better in our Country
  14. 14. Youth Researcher and Student must play Vital Role
  15. 15. More Repository need to be established
  16. 16. How?? ➢ Depositing copies of any journal articles you write in an Open website. ➢ Talking about Open Access and Sharing information with colleagues. ➢ Raising the issue with Political Leaders. ➢ Including Open Access Journals in library catalogs. ➢ Helping to set-up an Institutional repository. ➢ Collaborating with other Universities and Colleges in your areas. etc etc... BY:
  17. 17. Time to Move On
  18. 18. Thank You!! Nikesh Balami
  19. 19. References:  Making Open Access Reality – Frederick J. Friend  The importance of Open Access research publishing in developing countries – Eve Gray  Open Access Publishing – Vladimir Bubalo  Open Access Publishing, Solution for developing countries – Brian Wafawarowa