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Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data & CKAN


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Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data & CKAN

  1. 1. Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data & CKAN Nikesh Balami Member | OKFN Nepal
  2. 2. The Open Knowledge Foundation ➢ ➢ ➢ We are a global network using advocacy and technology to open up knowledge and see it used to empower citizens and organizations to drive positive change. We build tools and communities to create, use and share open knowledge - content and data that everyone can use, share and build on. We believe that by creating an open knowledge commons and developing tools and communities around this we can make a significant contribution to improving governance, research and the economy.
  3. 3. Tools and Communities
  4. 4. Working Groups (
  5. 5. Now What do we mean by open?
  6. 6. A piece of data or content is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and/or share-alike” -
  7. 7. What means Open Data? Open data involves ● the proactive disclosure of information; ● the Internet being the primary medium for such disclosure; ● information being made available for access and for reuse free of charge and; ● information being made available in a machine-readable format to enable computer-based reuse.
  8. 8. Why Open Data? ➢ ➢ ➢ Innovation, Efficiency and Transparency The Many Mind Principle - The best thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else Fixing is Faster with Open Data - To many eyes all bugs are shallow
  9. 9. What Kinds?
  10. 10. CKAN – Open-source Data Platform ➢ ➢ ➢ CKAN is a tool for making open data websites. (Think of a content management system like WordPress - but for data, instead of pages and blog posts.) It helps you manage and publish collections of data. It is used by national and local governments, research institutions, and other organizations who collect a lot of data.
  11. 11. We Can
  12. 12. Why? Government Companies, Communities and International Organizations are opening data
  13. 13. Examples
  14. 14. We are Moving on
  15. 15. We want to see “open by default” in DNA of knowledge society
  16. 16. Find Us Join us in Facebook: /610321522327415 Twitter: Group email: Website:
  17. 17. Thank You!! Reference ➢ ➢ Slideshare – Prakash Neupane, Ambassador Open Knowledge Foundation Network Nepal CKAN Overview handbook