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Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA)


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Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA)

  1. 1. Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) Presented by: Nikesh Balami
  2. 2. First let's be Clear About
  3. 3. Mozilla 1. A Non-Profit Organization 2. Home of Firefox 3. A Global Community 4. A Collection of Mozillians 5. To keep the Web Open
  4. 4. Mozilla 1.Protect User's Security 2.Treat the web as the platform 3.Builds a Generation of Mozilla Webmaker 4.Full of Innovations 5.Community Driven
  5. 5. Who We Are?   Firefox Student Ambassadors are individuals from around the world who are passionate about Mozilla and want to spread the word about the many benefits of Firefox and our products – especially Firefox OS ! They act as campus guides for people who want to contribute to Mozilla and function as leaders for campaigns and projects that help build a brighter future for the Web globally.
  6. 6. Why you should join us! ➢ ➢ ➢ To become a part of the Mozilla community To gain leadership experience as the point person for Mozilla on your campus To earn awesome Rewards and Recognition
  7. 7. How to Sign--Up? ➢ If you're 18 or older and currently associated with an institution of higher education (students, professors and administrators are all welcome!), please visit our wiki page to find our how you can become a Firefox Student Ambassador:
  8. 8. What We Do? The Firefox Student Ambassador program exists to empower students with the tools and resources need to: ➢ ➢ Promote Firefox (Desktop and Andriod) Support the successful launch of Firefox OS in communities (and Campuses) around the world. ➢ Educate others about Mozilla's Mission. ➢ Grow the Mozilla Community.
  9. 9. What's Mozilla Mission?
  10. 10. Recognition & Rewards Recognition: ➢ Firefox Student Ambassador Open Badge ➢ Certificate of Identification ➢ Vouching on ➢ Application to REMO Program ➢ Certificate of Appreciation Rewards: ➢ Very Splendid Gear Package ➢ Firefox T-shirt for your Club ➢ $250 USD stipend for an end of year party
  11. 11. Need More Information? Join Us: ➢ Facebook: ➢ Wiki: ➢ Email: ➢ Twitter: @mozstudents ( #maketheweb, #cpeurope )
  12. 12. Join Firefox Club at Your College ➢ Club Name: Prime College FirefoxClub ➢ Club Wiki Page: ➢ Club Facebook Group:
  13. 13. What’s a Firefox Club? Firefox Clubs are made up of passionate and creative individuals who work together to promote the Mozilla mission at your school (or College). That includes educating people about Firefox, growing the Mozilla community and participating in campus campaigns and contests.
  14. 14. Join Us: ➢ Facebook Group:
  15. 15. We will Rock
  16. 16. Thank You!!