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Intro to Data visualization


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Published in: Education
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Intro to Data visualization

  1. 1. Intro To Data Visualization Nikesh Balami | OKFN Nepal
  2. 2. Why Visualization? ● Communication ● Exploration
  3. 3. Let the Visualization Explain ● What are we Showing? ● Why are we Showing?
  4. 4. Because ● Data is weightless: The visualization gives it weight. ● Data Visualization let's you spot the Aha! ● Story telling is not the point: A good visualization should let the data stand on its own.
  5. 5. Colours ● Use One ● Highlight what is Important ● If you have more than one: The color has to be additional information
  6. 6. Free Visualization Tools ● Datawrapper ● Infogram ● SVG Crowbar
  7. 7. Some Cool Visualization Example
  8. 8. Now Lets Go through
  9. 9. Thank You!!