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Global - Local Open Data Index


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Presentation slides about Global and Local Open Data Index.

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Global - Local Open Data Index

  1. 1. Global – Local Open Data Index Member | OK Nepal Nikesh Balami
  2. 2. Global Open Data Index?? ➢ Survey + Index ➢ The Global Open Data Index is a project that measures and benchmarks the openness of data around the world, and then presents this information in a way that is easy to understand and use. ➢ It is Detailed country by country data & peer-reviewed by experts. ➢ The result are an easy engagement tool for policy-maker, researcher, Activists and data users.
  3. 3. Why Global Open Data Index?? ➢ The primary goal is to monitor the current status of open data across the world. ➢ The focus of the Index is Data, focusing on data keeps the census very concrete. ➢ We are interested in the current status of data: Is it accessible, can I use it now?
  4. 4. Visit To Contribute:
  5. 5. Our Country Position Globally
  6. 6. Local Open Data Index
  7. 7. What we need to Fill?? ➢ Data Exists ➢ It's Digital ➢ It's Publicly available ➢ It's free of Charge ➢ It's online (URL) ➢ It's machine readable ➢ It's available in bulk ➢ It's openly licensed ➢ It's up-to-date
  8. 8. Can Chooses any Topic ➢ Real – Time Transit ➢ Annual Budget ➢ Expenditure (detailed) ➢ Election Result ➢ Air Quality ➢ Transport Timetables ➢ Public Facilities ➢ Crime Statistics ➢ Procurement Contracts ➢ Food Safety Inspection ➢ Traffic Accidents ➢ Building Permits ➢ Service Permits ➢ Business Permits ➢ Business Listings
  9. 9. Who Can Contribute  Public Servants  Open Data Experts  Smart Citizens Cuz they are the people who know where the datasets lies
  10. 10. Visit Today
  11. 11. Your small contribution can help Many
  12. 12. Thank You!! Nikesh Balami