The Diet Solution Program Review


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The Diet Solution Program Review Begins…
"What is the Diet Solution Program?"
Basically, The Diet Solution Program is an action oriented, time tested (its over 3 years old) weight loss program. More correctly, it is a "get back in shape" guide.
No, it's not just a "PDF" file with some random advice, rather its a full fledged program that contains:
The Main Course Itself –> Over 10 PDF Files with over 500 pages!
Amazing Diet Guides –> with easy to make/follow recipes!
The Diet Solution Program **Limited Metric** Edition!
Lifetime FREE Access to the Beyond Diet Community with over 10000 members!
First hand support if you need help! This is Gold!

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The Diet Solution Program Review

  1. 1. 1The Diet Solution Program ReviewBegins…“What is the Diet Solution Program?”Basically, The Diet Solution Program is an action oriented, time tested(its over 3 years old) weight loss program. More correctly, it is a “getback in shape” guide.No, it’s not just a “PDF” file with some random advice, rather its a fullfledged program that contains: The Main Course Itself –> Over 10 PDF Files with over 500 pages! Amazing Diet Guides –> with easy to make/follow recipes! The Diet Solution Program **Limited Metric** Edition! Lifetime FREE Access to the Beyond Diet Community with over 10000members! First hand support if you need help! This is Gold!>>> Click here to go to the Official Diet Solution Program Website <<<“Alright Now, Who Should NOT Buy It?”I will be very honest with you. The Diet Solution Program is NOT for thefollowing people: People who will download the program, and take no action! Skepticsmos – People who criticize without implementing! People who do not want to lose weight NOW!
  2. 2. 2“And Who SHOULD Buy It?”First of all, check out these 6 former fatties with their real pictures, whoused the diet solution program and got results in around 90-110 days.No, I won’t say a word, just check these guys
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 4Alright, Now Who Is This For?Well, this program is the perfect course if: You want to lose weight Now & get fit Now, not wait till Christmas! You are tired of reading guides with no real results! You don’t want to stop having fun with food! Yup, with this program, you DONOT have to drastically change your diet, nor give up on your favorite bites!
  5. 5. 5 You don’t just want to look great, you also want to Feel Great!“How Does It Work Exactly? And What Do I Get?”Well, that’s the best part. Click here to see what you exactly get… Now, since theentire course is “downloadable content”, there’s no waiting! You get instantaccess to the entire downloadable content on their site.Once you download, you can simply read-watch-and-follow. Yes, you canimmediately start implementing the practical advice right now, and within aweek’s time, you WILL have lost at least 2-3 lbs of that extra “insulation” offyou!No kidding, the program is so powerful that even without changing yourlifestyle, you can quickly get in shape and start looking fit; and of course, get aLOT of raised eyebrows from friends and family!“Have People Really used This System?”Yes! The Diet Solution Program is a proven weight loss program, and as oftoday, has been used by over 25,400 people over the last 3 years, and not oncehas it failed to produce life altering changes in these people’s lives!“Alright, But There Must Be Something That’s Not Great, Right?”Unfortunately, though the core product is simply Fantabulous, the seller doescoax you into buying a couple of other people’s products on her download page.If you ignore those like I did, then there’s no issue. The offers she tries to get youto buy are something like below:
  6. 6. 6“So What is The COURSE CONTENT? What All Do I Get?”When you purchase the diet solution program (for $47), you will get thefollowing 9 amazing PDF e-books.
  7. 7. 7Apart from the superb 9 PDF E-books, you will also get access to personalsupport from Isabel and access to the Beyond Diet Community, which hasliterally tons of diet, weight loss, muscle building utilities. More importantly, ithas thousands of active users sharing their experiences and advice openly!
  8. 8. 8“Aren’t There Any Upgrades? Most Sellers Don’t Stop Selling..”That’s one irritating thing, when you purchase the diet solution program, youwill be offered 3 paid upgrades to the basic program, we advice you to IGNOREALL THREE!Yes, the basic product itself is all-inclusive and you DO NOT need anything elseto lose weight and start shaping up your body. Once again, DO NOT buy anydiet solution program upgrades offered while purchasing. (Plus, You are getting3 AMAZING bonuses mentioned below with your purchase)“Alright I am in! But You Mentioned Something about Bonuses above??”Oh Yes, for every purchase of the Diet Solution Program made from our site, asa “motivational boost”, I am giving the following 3 great bonuses to YOUabsolutely FREE! This is my way of encouraging YOU to start losing weight NOWinstead of procrastinating.Also, note that one of the following bonus is offered as a **Paid Upgrade** ontheir site, so DO NOT buy it from them, because you get it FREE from me! (:Here are Your 3 FREE Diet Solution Program Bonuses and instructions on Howto Get Them:
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. 10OH YES! You are getting the top 3 weight loss and muscle building packages onthe internet for *** FREE***.To get the above 3 bonuses for FREE, follow these steps:1) Proceed to buy The Diet Solution Program from the link given below.2) Once you finish the purchase, just email us your order number3) We will then instantly mail you the links to download the above 3 packages,for FREE!!“Sounds good, so where do I go to make the purchase to qualify for the FREEbonus?”Go Here =>***The Diet Solution Program With Our Bonus***And do not forget to mail us with your order receipt so we can send you theabove 3 Super Bonuses! (:We hope you start the fat burning process with the Diet Solution Programtoday! All the best!The Diet Solution Program Review Ends >> Visit the Official Site
  11. 11. 111. just bought the diet solution program, where should I email you to get the 2 bonuses? Wendy M.2. jonathanmorrisfatloss Hi wendy, congrats on getting the diet solution program. Now get ready to melt that flab! You can email me on bonus(at) with your order receipt to get the 2 bonuses mentioned above..3. Daniel Johnas seriously does this diet thing really work or it another weight loss mumbo jumbo? o jonathanmorrisfatloss
  12. 12. 12 @daniel, i can understand why you are thinking this is another ‘mumbo jumbo’ thing, but be assured that this program is tried and tested for the last 3 years by hundreds of weight loss seekers all over the world. so go ahead, give it a try, you might just lose some much needed (not actually) weight! go here to get it.4. Harlene Owusu I had used the diet solution program last year during my wedding, actually before my weddingh and managed to lose about 22lbs in a period of 4 months. this review is top notch and im repurchasing it becoz i have gained that flab back! you have to work the flab ladies, it aint gonna go by itself and the diet solution program is a very effective guide for it5. Marylou G. Elliot @harlene above how much did you have to work to lose the 22lbs? did the diet solution program really help you to lose weight? please someone answer, desperate to get back in shape! also, whats this “bonus” thing about in this review? what do i have to do, to get it? -mary
  13. 13. 13 o jonathanmorrisfatloss @harlene Hi Harlene, my name is jonathan, i am the owner of this site and YES, the diet solution program does really help you to lose weight IF you follow it with discipline and dedication. Please note that if and only if you really want to lose weight, should you think of getting this because its not a “magic pill” kinda deal that you see around so much these days… Anyway, if you do decide to take action and start burning those calories, then i would advise you to proceed to purchase from our OFFICIAL DIET SOLUTION PROGRAM given above, and then send me your order receipt number on bonus(at) to get the full versions of the 2 above mentioned programs for free. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. Take action, try the program and see the change for yourself. Regards, Jonathan6. Julie I just got this diet program from the link you gave above, and have sent you my receipt, kindly send me the bonuses. thanks.
  14. 14. 14 o jonathanmorrisfatloss @julie hey julie, thanks for getting the diet solution program, do follow the system with dedication and get ready for amazing results. I have already sent you an email with your bonus downloads.7. chas plant What is relationship/connection to “beyond diet”? o jonathanmorrisfatloss Hi Chas, Beyond diet is a superb global community of over 10000 members who are keen to lose weight, adopt a healthy lifestyle and general well being. once you purchase the diet solution program, you will get free membership of ‘beyond diet’, which otherwise costs $47. The membership will allow you to share, read amazing stories, diet recipes and all things related to losing weight and getting back in shape! just go to to see what all benefits you receive… So just give it a try and see the difference! Go to this link to get the diet solution program, access to beyond diet, AND 2 bonus programs mentioned above!
  15. 15. 15 Cheers, Jonathan8. serena nuckolls i am not too, i mean extremely overweight around 185lbs, i dont workout often, maybe catch a tennis game now and then. will the diet solution program help me lose some weight and possibly give guidance to some strength training? or is it all only devoted to diet consultation? your review did not state that so im asking..9. Eric @above the diet solution program will help you lose weight for sure, but for gaining lean muscle and strength, you better get the above 2 programs, vince delmonte’s no nonsense muscle training and turbulance training. Do what I did, get the diet solution program from the link given above and then mail jonathan on bonus(at) and he will send you the 2 other programs Free! :) Hope this helps, and yes, I am a friend of Jonathan! howdy jon… o jonathanmorrisfatloss
  16. 16. 16 Thanks buddy, hows your progress? Haven’t seen you in a long time, hope your shoulder’s fine now. One more thing, the diet solution program was just updated a few weeks ago, i had received an email from Isabel, so go to your download link and download the updates. Keep us updated! :)10. Patty Hi Jonathan, I followed the links to purchase the DSP through your website, but do not know where to find my order receipt number. Any help? Thank you! Patty o jonathanmorrisfatloss Hey patty, First of all congrats on taking one of the best decisions health and weight wise; and you can find your order number in the email that clickbank sent you. The subject of the email is like this: “Receipt for your ClickBank Order #G6H****” And the order number looks like this: Order Number: G6H2**** Order Date: 02/26/2012 4:13 AM PST Customer Name: your name here
  17. 17. 17 Just send me that order number on bonus[at] to receive your 2 free diet solution program bonuses! All the best! Let’s start melting that flab! Jon11. Eddie So this is a one time charge of 47.00 or is it 47.00 a month. Along with the product are there any other charges that will be incurred via other merchants offering free trials of other diet or weight products in conjunction to this one which then requires a cancellation? o jonathanmorrisfatloss Hi Eddie, Its just a one time, single charge of $47 for the diet solution program, NO other charges. But note: 2 things I have written above: 1) The seller does try to offer you some other products on the download page, DO NOT click or buy those because:: 2) Because all that you need to lose weight is given in the diet solution program itself, PLUS you get the 2 above programs I have mentioend for FREE. So you are all set, complete, to start transforming your fatty self to a fit, muscle man!
  18. 18. 1812. Brenda Now I’m confused, should I purchase the diet solution program or beyond diet? Your review does not state which is better? Or do I automatically get both if I purchase either? Also since u r giving the 2 above muscle programs for free, I wanted to inquire whether they are useful for us ladies or is it “men only”? brenda o jonathanmorrisfatloss Hi Brenda! Here’s what i advise: 1) Get the diet solution program from the link above. 2) You automatically get Lifetime FREE access to Beyond Diet! 3) You automatically get FREE access to the 2 great muscle/fatloss programs above. Now, both the above 2 muscle programs have separate guide/training sections for men and ladies. So once you start seeing good results with beyond diet and the diet solution program, you can switch over to 1 of the above programs! Just mail me your diet solution program
  19. 19. 19 order no. on bonus[at] to get your power- packed free goodies! :) Cheers13. Liz Myers What’s the difference between beyond diet and diet solution program? o jonathanmorrisfatloss @liz, sorry for the late reply, but was out of town for a couple of days, anyway, the difference is that beyond diet is a paid membership site, where over 10000 global users contribute. You can find amazing diet recipes, health advice and meet very helping/motivating people who are on a similar route [the highway of losing weight ;)] On the other hand, the diet solution program, well, just scroll above and read my detailed review! And do not forget to send me your order number to get your 2 bonuses mentioned above! :) Jonathan
  20. 20. 2014. Rachel hi i really want to do this.. it seems so perfect.. i hope that this will actually be the real deal! when i purchase this will i get to contact the people selling this product? oh and also I’m on a detox diet now and I’m thinking if i should wait 2 more weeks until I’m done with my detox or start now.. what do you suggest?15. Brian Johnson For anyone on the fence whether to get beyond diet or the diet solution program, my reply might help: GET IT! :) I purchased the diet solution program from the link given above and Jonathan here has been nothing short of spectacular! He got me lifetime Free Beyond Diet membership, plus gave me the 2 awesome muscle/fatloss programs promised above. So if you still cant decide, maybe this would help. (Oh btw I’m a father of 2, aged 34, trying to lose the ol flab) – brian16. jonathanmorrisfatloss
  21. 21. 21 @rachel oh dont worry rachel, this is a real deal and not some rehashed diet program. In fact, when you purchase from my link given above, you also get free access to beyond diet and the 2 muscle programs. I would advise getting the diet solution program and then quickly send me your order number. Then, just start burning the fat! @brian Thanks buddy, i know how much i slogged to get down to my current weight, hence try to help people lose weight by offering the free bonuses as a motivational push! Cheers17. Peter Hey there. Based on your review, I started this program around 3 months ago and I am feeling really good. Lost around 12 Lbs till date, not much i know, but point is this system does work, of course you do HAVE to take steps, its not a “push button weight loss” type thing. Thanks.18. D. Colwell I was wondering if the purchase only gives you PDF version or can you get the paper copies?
  22. 22. 22 How much exercising per week ( Along with the diet solution) do you need to do to get the advertised results? I am a 48 year old female with 40 extra pounds. Will it work as well for people in this catagory? o Jonathan Yes you get the PDF version with this course, not paper copies. Its actually better since you can read on any digital device like your pc, phone or tablet. Exercising depends on how fast you want to burn the extra fat! You could get wonderful weight loss results if you could even work out on alternate days. One of the best schedules I give to my clients is working out on Mon-Wed-Fri, and doing some light cardio exercises on Sundays. Its fine if you skip a day or two. Do one thing, just get the diet solution program, beyond diet, and everything will be explained within. All the best! - Jonathan19. Miss WendyByrd Would this program help someone who has a full hysterectomy and their gallbladder removed??? I ask because: I have come to understand that hormone levels and your ability to break down fats can affect the fat burning proses.
  23. 23. 23 o Jonathan Hi Wendy, Regarding the hysterectomy, apart from hormone levels, there shouldn’t be anything that should prevent from eating a good diet and/or performing moderate workouts. As for the cholecystectomy, I am sure it will affect what and how much you can eat, but the good news is that with the diet solution and beyond diet programs, moderation and “right foods” is what Isabel actually teaches you. So what I think is: get the program, go through it, and then consult your doctor on how best you can integrate it in your life. Will it help? Yes, it will.20. Neil Hi Jonathon Could you confirm if access to the Beyond Diet community option definitely included when I purchase through your link? I initially came across the website and saw it stated UNLIMITED Community Access I clicked through on your link and on the checkout page it said ‘The Diet Solution` with no mention of Unlimited membership to Beyond Diet .
  24. 24. 24 I`d like to take your bonus offers but would like to use the beyond diet forum too and just want to confirm if I can get both through you. Be grateful if you could clear that up before I purchase. Thanks o Jonathan The answer Neil, is YES! In fact, just click on my link above and when you get to the diet solution page you will see it mentioned below the video, listed in the “extras”… so go ahead, get the diet solution program, and shoot me a mail! All the best! I will see you inside… Jonathan21. clapper If we purchase through this site do we still get the 14 days of super charged meals and the dessert cook book from beyond diet? Also you keep saying two bonuses and I believe it states Extreme fat loss, turbulance training and non nonsense muscle. Thank you. o Jonathan Yes you get the 14 days meals and dessert cook book too… And yes, I have mentioend earlier that there are 2 bonuses,
  25. 25. 25 but now there are 3. I added the third bonus a few days back, but the comments are before that, hence the mention of “2 bonuses” everywhere! :) Anyway, go ahead and send us your order receipt. I’ll see you inside. Cheers22. Rosie can i go on this diet if i was told that i my triglycerides level is very high? i was also told by the gastroenterologist to stay away from milk and start drinking soy milk. will this diet be for me? o Jonathan Hi Rosie, Of course you can and you must follow a good diet. Don’t worry, even my wife was diagnosed with high trigs, but she has it completely under control due to 3 things: 1) A balanced, nutritious, and planned diet without much sugar, salt. (more inside the diet solution program of course) 2) Regular light exercise. 3) Avoiding processed/ready to eat foods. Just go ahead and get the diet solution program, Isabel will teach you many things that you will later say to yourself,
  26. 26. 26 “Ohh, that perfectly makes sense health wise, why didn’t I think of it earlier..” Cheers, and all my best.23. Diana How much does this diet cost in pounds sterling? Also are all the foods listed available in the uk? o Jonathan Hi Diana, The diet solution program costs approx. 30 GBP and yes, 99% of the foods Isabel recommends are available in the UK. Cheers.24. Rizgar M. my wife has started on this diet and it looks like it works. o Jonathan Of course it does, did you get my bonus package?
  27. 27. 2725. Linda Harrison I am loving working with the food solutions offered with beyond diet. i never knew there existed so many beyond diet reviews. Although I did order upgrade 1 with downloads and will have to pay for it. Can you send me the other 2 bonuses you are offering? Order #118### transaction code #6VD4K### o Jonathan Hi Linda, Yup its a superb program, and your bonuses are already sent! Check your inbox. :) Cheers, Jon26. Cilla Hi, I am looking at purchasing the diet solution, I live in Australia and am wondering if it is available in metric and if so, do I need to do anything specific to ensure that is what I receive? Cheers.
  28. 28. 28 o Jonathan Hi Cilla, Of course the diet solution program is available in Australia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. No, the metric system wont matter and you do not have to do anything specific to ensure you receive it. Just click on the link above and get the program, and do not forget to mail me for your free bonus package! Cheers, Jonathan27. Serene Hi, Im living in Singapore. Will the food mentioned in beyond diet or diet solution program be found here? And is the diet plan applicable to a ‘Singaporean’? o Jonathan Hi Serene, Yes the foods mentioned in the programs will be available in Singapore in most of your food supermarkets. And about being a ‘singaporean’, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you are ‘human’! :) Kidding aside, yes you can and should get
  29. 29. 29 the program if you are looking to get back in shape, it will help tremendously. Cheers, Jonathan28. Dawn Jeanquart Hi Jonathan, On the Beyond Diet website, they give you the Beyond Diet Program which includes: What to eat, when to eat it, detailed food lists, charts, tables, frequently asked questions, and exactly how to optimize the program so it is perfectly suited to you. If I purchase through you, do I get this also? And, if I purchase through you, do I get the 60-day money back guarantee? Thanks, Dawn J. o Jonathan Hey Dawn (that’s my daughter’s name too! :) ) Of course you get everything mentioned on their site, plus you get my free bonuses mentioned above. And yes again, you get a 100% money-back guarantee, though I am very sure once you ‘get in’, you will be overwhelmed with the amount and quality of the best weight loss guidance on the web! And hey, don’t forget to mail me to get your bonuses! All the best,
  30. 30. 30 Jon29. Misha Hey, what plugin did you use to make the images zoom in when clicked. It’s absolutely fabulous and I’d like to buy the diet solution program. o Jonathan Hey Misha, The script’s called highslide, just google it up. And of course you should get the diet solution program if you wish to get back in shape. But, when you get it from the above links, do not forget to mail me your receipt so I can send you the bonuses! Cheers, Jonathan30. Sherry Hello Jonathon,
  31. 31. 31 I purchased the diet solution a few years ago and loved it! I’ve lost approx 30 lbs (160-130) and have kept it off. Have there been any updates to the program?? I’m asking b/c I am interested in joining Beyond Diet but I know that if I purchase the Diet Solution I get Beyond Diet for free. Would it be worth it for me to purchase the Diet Solution again for updates and new information?? Sherry o Jonathan Hi Sherry, Well seems you’re one fitness veteran! ;) Anyway, you should get the Beyond Diet membership asap because its more of a closely knit community of weight loss enthusiasts. Believe me its really fun being there, sharing advice and more importantly,amazing recipes!! So do get in and I will meet you in there. Jonathan31. Kelley Hello, My Mom purchased this bout 2 years ago under the impression she would get books in the mail. Is there any chance that she would be able To download them still??
  32. 32. 32 o Jonathan Hi Kelley, If your mom still has the purchase receipt, i am thinking she can still download the program! You can ask Isabel’s support crew on the official site, go to the above link, and click on the contact link or simply call them!32. Gibby Jonathan, I watched the video for the Beyond Diet and I am considering purchasing for $47. I was looking for reviews and found your site. If I purchase from your site, I get access to PDF files correct? Anything else? It looks like some of the PDF files contain the same information as the Beyond Diet membership! What is the advantage of purchasing through you site if I am getting duplicated information? I think I might be missing something?!?!? Please and Thank you! o Jonathan Hi, The main advantage of getting it from my site is the MASSIVE bonus I am giving (see above) to buyers at absolutely no cost! These bonus programs perfectly compliment the main
  33. 33. 33 diet solution program and beyond diet, helping you achieve your target weight and get back in shape! Cheers, Jonathan33. Debra I really like the wholesome solutions to age old restrictive diets that we’ve all tried. The title beyond diet is really very accurate and defines exactly what the program is about. What i dislike is the minute i paid the fee, i was literally bombarded with upgrades ‘ like you’ve mentioned above, but ya the program is good.34. June Schoening Hi…Myself and my husband are very much overweight. We were told to lose the weight. I need to lose about 80 lbs. He needs to lose about 125 lbs. Can it be done with your program?? Thankx o Jonathan Hi June,
  34. 34. 34 The program is not mine, its by Isabel Del Los Rios, and YES, both of you can reach your target weight IF: 1) If you follow the programs with utmost dedication. 2) If you can show the will to say NO! to all the ‘bad foods’ at parties and get togethers.. 3) If you will visualize yourself reaching your target daily! Yes june, miracles are possible when it comes to losing weight, all it needs is the correct guidance and a drive to conquer the monster called laziness inside us!35. Gibby I just started the Diet Solution 12 minutes ago! Anyone have a suggestion on how to sweeten my oatmeal so I can eat it? I have not read much of the site yet, so I doubt I can add my usual brown sugar and skim milk to my oatmeal to eat it….. o Jonathan Hey Gibby, You can add honey! Honey is one of the most powerful foods, and its on the ‘safe list’! ;)36. Dave
  35. 35. 35 Hi I just want to say this Diet Plan work’s Great!!!… Awesome recipe’s, Great support, I could go on… lol, I lost 98 Lbs over a year with no exercise except walking. I feel great and my feet and knees feel great too.37. Fe I bought the diet solution program from your website last night and send my order receipt. Hope for your quick response. o Jonathan Hi Fe, Sent your bonuses already! Was caught up in some work at the office yesterday, hence the slight delay. Anyway, enjoy and do chime in with your results, our readers love to read stories and experiences of real people! Now go and burn the fat! Jon38. Tammy Hello Jonathan Has your program been on any talk show or advertised anywhere. I’m just looking to find you somewhere to make sure your real.
  36. 36. 36 I’m all about change and when I watched your video I completely agree with the information. I love my sweets and am looking for some healthy sweets. I of course have kids and I sucked them into my bad eating habits also. Hope to here from you. Tammy o Jonathan Hi Tammy, It’s not my program! It’s by Isabel Del Los Rios! You can find a lot more information on her flagship website: the diet solution program’s official website. And really, you MUST adopt healthy eating habits at least for the kids! I remember when I had my first one, I ate all kind of junk till he was 2, but the day he said “gimme chocho (choclate)”, I knew I HAD to improve my eating habits… Anyway, do check out the program’s site, and then if you think about trying it, do mail me your purchase receipt so I can send you the above mentioned bonuses! Cheers, Jonathan39. Keisha Is the cost $47 monthly, quarterly, yearly?…this was not clear therefore I was a bit hesitant to purchase.
  37. 37. 37 o Jonathan It’s a one time single payment as mentioned above. And in fact, while ordering, you can clearly see the pricing details on the order page. Cheers, Jonathan40. Kym COOKSLEY Can you explain clearly if this diet plan is a one off payment of $47 or if this amount is to be paid$47 per month.They do to explain it clearly enough. o Jonathan It’s a one time single payment. :)